Residence in Larissa by Potiropoulos D+L Architects

Residence in Larissa by Potiropoulos D+L Architects

Architects: Potiropoulos D+L Architects
Location: Nikaia, Larissa, Greece
Photos: Charalambos Loizides

The idea alludes to the agrarian scene of the Larissa’s plain which helps to remember a diverse orthogonal riddle. Both the stark state of the building volume, and in addition the outline order of the encompassing patio nursery which is sorted out in geometrical zones of diverse plant species constitute the outflow of this memory.

Residence-in-Larissa-01The structure is “L” formed and situated at the edge of the plot, in order to permit indispensable space for the swimming pool and the patio nursery towards the good introduction. Wooden parcels furrow the encompassing scene into individual zones – augmentations of the inside structure of the building. The development from the general population space towards the living arrangement constitutes a grouping of progressive divulgences, similar to the reflecting pool or the chamber with the sonal blooms which “covers” the primary passage, changing the way of methodology into a “sacrosanct” course.


The configuration of the building and the encompassing scene depends on covering developments of moves with the scene as a perpetual scenery. The crude materials utilized on the shell – uncovered cement and wood – intensify the advantageous partiality in the middle of building and nature whilst the mood of the vertical and level openings supports the dialog with the normal light, giving in parallel states of desirable privacy.


Residence-in-Larissa-04 Residence-in-Larissa-05 Residence-in-Larissa-06 Residence-in-Larissa-07 Residence-in-Larissa-08 Residence-in-Larissa-09 Residence-in-Larissa-10 Residence-in-Larissa-11 Residence-in-Larissa-12 Residence-in-Larissa-13 Residence-in-Larissa-14 Residence-in-Larissa-15 Residence-in-Larissa-16 Residence-in-Larissa-17 Residence-in-Larissa-18 Residence-in-Larissa-19 Residence-in-Larissa-20 Residence-in-Larissa-21 Residence-in-Larissa-22 Residence-in-Larissa-23 Residence-in-Larissa-24 Residence-in-Larissa-25 Residence-in-Larissa-26

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