Rozelle Terrace House by Carter Williamson Architects

Rozelle Terrace House by Carter Williamson Architects

Architects: Carter Williamson Architects
Location: Sydney, Australia
Photo courtesy: Carter Williamson Architects

The site of this 1880s laborers porch falls two stories from Hartley Street down to Starling Street at the back.


We formalized our customers’ current flipping so as to live examples the section, and moving it to the base of the slope on the back limit, and all things considered the back-to-front nature of the increases was imagined.


From the front entryway, stairs climb towards a secured yard fitted cozily between the house and studio. The living spaces on the focal level stretch over the length of the site, from the sandstone lightwell, through the house, patio nursery and studio, making a liberality of space unforeseen on such a firmly compelled site.


From the gregarious living spaces a sensitive hanging stair vanishes up to the calmer dozing rooms above where a pole for light and breeze isolates the type of the current house and the new expansion.


Embedded into the tall pitched volume of the current rooftop structure over the front rooms hangs the shapely, timber clad type of the space ensuite above. This close space sits at the most elevated purpose of the house and bay window windows outline sees out toward the city.

Rozelle-Terrace-House-05 Rozelle-Terrace-House-06 Rozelle-Terrace-House-07 Rozelle-Terrace-House-08 Rozelle-Terrace-House-09 Rozelle-Terrace-House-10 Rozelle-Terrace-House-11 Rozelle-Terrace-House-12 Rozelle-Terrace-House-13 Rozelle-Terrace-House-14 Rozelle-Terrace-House-15 Rozelle-Terrace-House-16 Rozelle-Terrace-House-17 Rozelle-Terrace-House-18 Rozelle-Terrace-House-19

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