K House by Datumzero Design

K House by Datumzero Design

Architects: Datumzero Design
Location: Nosara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Year: 2008
Photo courtesy: Datumzero Design

K House is a habitation situated in the mountains of Nosara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, with terrific perspectives of the Pacific Ocean.


We were employed by an exceptionally intriguing customer, a youthful legal counselor from San Francisco, California, with an extraordinary energy for surf, which is the thing that brought him to Playa Guiones. The venture had a troublesome site, an unassuming spending plan, and a customer with an energy for building design, certainly a test for us.


We planned K House around three premises, the first preface is a logical reaction: the house is composed as a flat bar tied down at one of its closures to a solid base and suspended at the flip side in the midst of the woods by slender steel sections which now and again ascend more than 5 meters high. This permits the house to be lost among the treetops with its open porches, substantial openings and broad roof, joining with the covering of trees, living and mixing with the scene. The solid base capacities as the purpose of backing of a slim vertical tower containing a progression of spaces for reflection joined with the outside with a staircase prompting the upper patio, to welcome the magnificent perspective of Playa Guiones on the Pacific Ocean. From this stage the customer can check the surf in the morning before wandering into his day by day surfing.


The second preface was flexibility, we needed to outline a house that would fit legitimately and genuinely with its surroundings and with the site, which is a thick mass of trees on a precarious slope, in which it was essential that the house effortlessly adjust to radical atmosphere changes in the middle of wet and blustery October and dry and dusty March. This reason drove us to outline the house as a respirator, a house that channels the sun, wind, air and even the perspectives, a cautious determination of neighborhood materials that permit us to reinterpret nearby provincial structural planning present in cutting edge terms.


Teak boards with a sifter inside were intended for the cladding frameworks, permitting the house to inhale through its dividers and keep the bugs out. Immense openings into the inside spaces and patios give a consistent relationship between within and the outside of the house. The main territory of ​​the house that touches the floor is the main room, situated on the lower level of the solid base, this volume underpins the “zen tower”, covered in steel sheets left to oxidize and fixed. This materiality gives a practically religious feeling of lastingness, old in appearance, overlooked, utilized, straightforward, an immaculate space for contemplation.


The third commence, genuineness. A trustworthiness got from its humble spending plan, without aerobatic exhibition. The house is based on a secluded steel arrangement of 5×5 meters, clad by teak framing, plywood roofs and pre-assembled trusses with malleable frameworks, all components collected nearby to imagine what we consider a cutting edge Costa Rica shoreline house.

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