Glen 2961 by SAOTA

Glen 2961 by SAOTA

Architects: SAOTA
Location: Oranjezicht, Cape Town, South Africa
Design Team: Philip Olmesdahl, Stefan Antoni, Kate Del Fante
Year: 2012
Photos: Adam Letch

The clients who lived in a current house on the property expected to remake the house keeping in mind the end goal to suit the requests of their crew. The site on Glen Avenue in Higgovale faces in a Northerly course, with its limits on the South East.

glen-2961-saota_glen2961_1_ext_001_garden_001_alIn spite of the fact that the wind conditions are extreme, the site’s moderate slant permits the configuration to connect with distinctive levels of the greenhouse adjoining the regions of the three level parlor.


The customer delegated SAOTA – Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects to finish the configuration of another home. The customers intrepidly took after their designer’s recommendation to see the master plan and re-begin on a fresh start. The new home was to react to the site and garden nearly, to permit enough space for the family’s differing necessities – whilst make separate private spaces inside of the house, and react to the savage winds which sonally tear down Table Mountain yet give a casual, simple character in the soul of Higgovale.


The customers chose to continue with the Design Development and task development with Three14 Architects. The main destinations in the outline methodology was to screen the heart of the home from the South Easterly and make huge semi-encased greenery enclosures which permit the 2 lower levels of the house to mlessly interface with patio nursery and porches at all times.


SAOTA depended on vigorous uncluttered completions of off-screen concrete for soffits and different dividers, painted packed away brickwork, particular finished solid garnish and oak cabinetry and roofs. To intensify the feeling of openness of the rooms and the greenhouses, the parlors have vast openings of sliding aluminum entryways – this openness is further improved by glass handrails to effectively obscure the limits of inside and outside.


The kitchen remains the center of the first floor region, and the fundamental open air braai porch is a liberal design with outside sitting and feasting zones. The upper level of the house – to which one methodologies on landing in the property – obliges 4 en-suite rooms with great perspectives and a vast study/library zone. The carport screens the patios from the street.

glen-2961-saota_glen2961_1_ext_001_garden_013_al glen-2961-saota_glen2961_1_int_101_kitchen_002_al glen-2961-saota_glen2961_1_int_101_kitchen_004_al glen-2961-saota_glen2961_1_int_101_kitchen_010_al glen-2961-saota_glen2961_1_int_101_kitchen_013_al glen-2961-saota_glen2961_1_int_101_kitchen_016_al glen-2961-saota_glen2961_1_int_102_living_001_al glen-2961-saota_glen2961_1_int_102_living_006_al glen-2961-saota_glen2961_1_int_102_living_008_al glen-2961-saota_glen2961_1_int_103_braaiterrace_004_al glen-2961-saota_glen2961_1_int_201_entrance_001_al

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