Apartment with Deer by Alena Yudina

Apartment with Deer by Alena Yudina

Architects: Alena Yudina
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Year: 2015
Area: 1,335 sqft / 124 sqm
Photo courtesy: Andrey Avdeenko

This undertaking (condo in Kiev) has its own particular extraordinary and specific character. Beautifying deer, fir trees and strawberry gives us a much needed refresher.


Monochromic reach, frosty hues, basic lines and uncluttered decorations – perpetual equality that is the thing that recognizes this loft. Differentiation of high contrast with cowhide and cloth components and utilizing wood compositions make visual cleanliness. Each of these components discover his place in each room.


There are not a great deal of points of interest, but rather, for example, trim draperies with roses and strips on the pads make it flat in cutting edge style as well as condo with exquisite inside.


The most creative component of the loft are deer, compositions remain solitary on the floor and hold tight the dividers in oak-casing, planned by craftsman from Kiev Katya Berlova.


In inside were utilized such celebrated brands: Zuccheti/KOS (restroom installations), Tacchini (couches and beds), Arbonia (radiators), Cerim and Bardelli (tile), La Lampe Gras (improving French lights), Mooshop (material), Gubi (furniture and style). Additionally man who moves me Marcel Ossendrijver with his image from Netherland M.OSS outline (lights). What’s more, furniture brand Fredericia, there is an arrangement of acclaimed Danish planner Borge Mogensen in dinning territory.


Together with outside furniture producers inside introduced by Ukrainian brands of furniture and stylistic layout, brands I genuinely accept will be exceptionally fruitful, underneath are some of my top choice: Odesd2 (youthful mechanical originators from Kiev), “LoveMosaic” (mosaic workshop situated in Dnepropetrovsk, mosaic plates with birds),and some Ukrainian architects, for example, Marta Servetnik whose seat at the passage flawlessly fit into my vision of this space.

Apartment-with-Deer-by-Alena-Yudina-06 Apartment-with-Deer-by-Alena-Yudina-07 Apartment-with-Deer-by-Alena-Yudina-08 Apartment-with-Deer-by-Alena-Yudina-09 Apartment-with-Deer-by-Alena-Yudina-10 Apartment-with-Deer-by-Alena-Yudina-11 Apartment-with-Deer-by-Alena-Yudina-12 Apartment-with-Deer-by-Alena-Yudina-13 Apartment-with-Deer-by-Alena-Yudina-14 Apartment-with-Deer-by-Alena-Yudina-15 Apartment-with-Deer-by-Alena-Yudina-16 Apartment-with-Deer-by-Alena-Yudina-17 Apartment-with-Deer-by-Alena-Yudina-18 Apartment-with-Deer-by-Alena-Yudina-19 Apartment-with-Deer-by-Alena-Yudina-20 Apartment-with-Deer-by-Alena-Yudina-21 Apartment-with-Deer-by-Alena-Yudina-22 Apartment-with-Deer-by-Alena-Yudina-23 Apartment-with-Deer-by-Alena-Yudina-24 Apartment-with-Deer-by-Alena-Yudina-25 Apartment-with-Deer-by-Alena-Yudina-26 Apartment-with-Deer-by-Alena-Yudina-27 Apartment-with-Deer-by-Alena-Yudina-28 Apartment-with-Deer-by-Alena-Yudina-29 Apartment-with-Deer-by-Alena-Yudina-30 Apartment-with-Deer-by-Alena-Yudina-31

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