Silversea Residence by Robert Bailey Interiors

Silversea Residence by Robert Bailey

Location: False Creek, Vancouver, Canada
Area: 1,800 sqft
Photo courtesy: Josh Dunford

This waterfront suite needed to blend contemporary design with the functionality of a family-friendly home.


This 1,800 square foot (165 square metre) home located in False Creek in downtown Vancouver was a complete renovation.  The suite was demolished back to steel studs and concrete.  The 3-bedroom 3-bath residence has three decks, and is all on one level. It needed to incorporate the needs of the client’s toddler, yet be flexible enough to serve adult requirements and entertaining.


When renovating this apartment, one of our objectives was to give a greater sense of space to the rooms.  Opening up the spaces so there would be great flow.  One example is the  conventional master bath/bedroom layout was redesigned for a more open feel. Removing partitions that separated these spaces expanded how each space was seen and used. Only the shower and toilet are more private, separated by a sliding glass panel. With elements such as a custom white-lacquer vanity with marble countertop, the bathroom is designed for a lightness and effortless elegance, allowing it to connect seamlessly to the bedroom.


Outside, this waterfront home’s decks were clad in wood similar in colour to the interior. Inside the rooms are modern, with a calmness and a ease that is inviting and inspiring. The client is an art dealer, so it was critical that we reflected her modernist tastes in our designs. The natural walnut flooring was the ideal, warm complement to the white marble on the walls and counters.


The design is feminine and light, but with a welcoming feel that is truly a reflection of the client.

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