Downs Path Contemporary Residence in New York by Blaze Makoid Architecture

Downs Path Contemporary Residence in New York by Blaze Makoid Architecture

Architects: Blaze Makoid Architecture
Location: New York, USA
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Blaze Makoid Architecture

The owners of this house live outside the United States and contracted BMA a couple of days before coming back to their fulltime living arrangement. All of the configuration exertion with these exceptionally included customers has happened without the advantage of eye to eye gatherings.


The configuration explores the translation of conventional structures. Two peak roofed structures shape a “L” that supports a level roofed, glass box. Inside spaces inside of the “L” are more characterized as rooms with windows that are traditionally proportioned and routinely divided. The system inside of the glass box takes after a more present day open arrangement with window dividers that open up the house to the back and side yards. Outside dividers are essentially stucco with insignificant measures of trim. Fundamentally, while the essential structures are ‘conventional’, the enumerating is fresh and clean.


This methodology is investigated with the inside engineering too. The dialect of crown, entryway and base moldings is fused all through the house. Yet, the execution of these conventional trim things is interpreted into a pared down variant which facilitate stresses the half and half idea.


Basically utilized as a mid year withdraw, the venture likewise joins a progression of resort style open air living spaces for sun, shade, feasting and the infrequent snooze in a group of lofts.

Downs-Path-Contemporary-Residence-in-New-York-by-Blaze-Makoid-Architecture-04 Downs-Path-Contemporary-Residence-in-New-York-by-Blaze-Makoid-Architecture-05 Downs-Path-Contemporary-Residence-in-New-York-by-Blaze-Makoid-Architecture-06 Downs-Path-Contemporary-Residence-in-New-York-by-Blaze-Makoid-Architecture-07 Downs-Path-Contemporary-Residence-in-New-York-by-Blaze-Makoid-Architecture-08 Downs-Path-Contemporary-Residence-in-New-York-by-Blaze-Makoid-Architecture-09 Downs-Path-Contemporary-Residence-in-New-York-by-Blaze-Makoid-Architecture-10 Downs-Path-Contemporary-Residence-in-New-York-by-Blaze-Makoid-Architecture-11 Downs-Path-Contemporary-Residence-in-New-York-by-Blaze-Makoid-Architecture-12 Downs-Path-Contemporary-Residence-in-New-York-by-Blaze-Makoid-Architecture-13 Downs-Path-Contemporary-Residence-in-New-York-by-Blaze-Makoid-Architecture-14 Downs-Path-Contemporary-Residence-in-New-York-by-Blaze-Makoid-Architecture-15 Downs-Path-Contemporary-Residence-in-New-York-by-Blaze-Makoid-Architecture-16

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