Laranjal House by Rmk! Arquitetura

Laranjal House by Rmk! Arquitetura

Architects: Rmk! Arquitetura
Location: Praia do Laranjal, Brazil
Year: 2014
Area: 3.552 sqft / 330 sqm
Photo courtesy: Matheus Costa

Situated on Laranjal shoreline, on the banks of the Lagoa dos Patos, 15 km (9.3 mi) from the city of Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, the home is embedded on a solitary floor in a 900 m2 (9,687.5 ft2) parcel.


In light of sun oriented introduction, the primary body of the building develops on the back of the parcel, towards the greenhouse. The kaleidoscopic volume is upheld on solid sections – hoisted in connection to the greenery enclosure level, it comprises of an expansive glass territory in its lounge room, rather than the room zones that can be clouded by wooden boards that give ventilation and darkness.


The center of the undertaking is to extend the living territory outside. Embedded at the same level as the fundamental volume, the overhang proposes a thought of indoor-outside coherence, expanding the association of the living territories with the outside. A steel, glass and wood structure gives shield and shade amid the mid year. A wooden deck makes the association between the living ranges and the pool.


The longitudinal hub of access to the living arrangement is stamped by layers of brick work which likewise shield the administration ranges and carports at the front of the plot.

Laranjal-House-by-Rmk!-Arquitetura-04 Laranjal-House-by-Rmk!-Arquitetura-05 Laranjal-House-by-Rmk!-Arquitetura-06 Laranjal-House-by-Rmk!-Arquitetura-07 Laranjal-House-by-Rmk!-Arquitetura-08 Laranjal-House-by-Rmk!-Arquitetura-09 Laranjal-House-by-Rmk!-Arquitetura-10 Laranjal-House-by-Rmk!-Arquitetura-11 Laranjal-House-by-Rmk!-Arquitetura-12 Laranjal-House-by-Rmk!-Arquitetura-13 Laranjal-House-by-Rmk!-Arquitetura-14 Laranjal-House-by-Rmk!-Arquitetura-15 Laranjal-House-by-Rmk!-Arquitetura-16 Laranjal-House-by-Rmk!-Arquitetura-17

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