Ultramodern Casa a l’aspre by nomarq | estudi d’arquitectura

Ultramodern Casa a l’aspre by nomarq | estudi d’arquitectura

Architects: nomarq | estudi d’arquitectura
Location: Orba, Alicante, Spain
Year: 2013
Area: 2.583 ft²/ 240 m²
Photo courtesy: Milena Villalba

“The project of this house is located in a plot with an exagerated slope. For a proper use of all the plot it was decided to locate the house approximately in the middle of the available land, so the side towards Segaria Street in “Urbanización l’Aspre” picks up the main access, garage, swimming pool and basically the representative part of the house, while in the southern part of the house plot services program is resolved.


The section is projected so that the ground floor coincides with the living area and in the first floor it is located the night area of the house; the high ceiling on the entrance, upon which rests the study room, expands and distributes from the central nucleus the different parts of the program.


The main piece, looking for framing the landscape of the sea, extends itself towards the facade in a pronounced cantilever which shows the slope of the plot and defines, by its shadows, the parking area. The night piece at the end of the plot contains the sleeping area situated in the east side of the piece in purpose to keep the privacy of the people who is living there, and the study room in the west side, from which they can acces to the lower floor cover.


The irregularity of the plants comes from the adaptation of two original prisms to attemp to preserve part of the existing vegetation, incorporating it to the project. This irregular shape favors views between different parts of the home that incorporate the landscape of the valley of Girona river, contextualizing the contrast with the enviroment. The way to design the house with beam-wall of reinforced concrete, and its malleability, ease of execution and rigidity, allows us to reach a 9,5m cantilever and helps to understand the volumes of the house in its most expressive way.


About the treatment of the exterior areas, it tries to maintain the image of the agricultural terraces, now disused, which mark out the area of the plot and make it descend by the northern slope of the mountain. For the location of the swimming pool and to form its “beach”, is widened on of these terraced fields until build the main outdoor stay of the house, an area that sequence the pedestrian and vehicular acces and it also enjoys the spectacular views of the living/dining room, due to the altitude.


The main facades of the house are oriented to the valley and the west facade frames, on first floor, the views to the “Castellet”, an historical reference for the people in Orba; the rest facades are intended to, with a simple composition, satisfy the relations beetween the rooms and the enviroment, providing ventilation and natural lighting throughout the house.


It’s a modern project that fowards regarding organization, shape, structure, construction and language to the identification of the requirements of the customer in a unitary way.”

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