House in Bela Vista by RVdM Arquitectos

House in Bela Vista by RVdM Arquitectos

Architects: RVdM Arquitectos
Location: Gafanha da Encarnação, Portugal
Year: 2013
Area: 269 sqm
Photo courtesy: José Campos

The little width of the accessible area – under 6 meters – and the wishes of the client to mastermind the ground floor just with specialized spaces requested a typological reaction that arranges lodging principally in the upper two stories.


The house exploits two fronts, east and west. On one side the sun, the other the glorious perspectives of the Ria de Aveiro. In the first floor the system is created in a symmetrically from the focal stepping stool.


The front room extends from every sides of the house. Accepting its atomic situating, the room additionally extends up vertically, through a twofold tallness, which sorts out the upper level and offers solidarity to normal spaces.


In the upper floor two rooms with integral territories, one for every quadrant, are associated by a scaffold that beats the void.


The connection in the middle of volumes and spaces happens both inside and outside, destroying the evident steadiness that the cliché state of the house highlights. The primary volume coasts over the encompassing walls.

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