Expert Tips To Choose The Best Window Treatments

Expert Tips To Choose The Best Window Treatments

When it comes to window treatments, the list of tips is just about endless and it’s important to choose the best for you. There are options ranging from blackout curtains to elegant sheer drapes and everything in between. And while it can seem tempting to pick the easiest or simplest options, it’s important to remember that the right window treatments will set the tone and transform the room. 

Remember to consider the importance of high-quality window treatments; consider custom options from Supreme Shades for specific measurements. Window treatments must fit perfectly, so avoid options that skip measuring the windows. 

Nevertheless, we’ve listed some expert tips to help you style your windows perfectly. 

Consider The Room’s Aesthetics

While most of us spend ample time picking out furniture pieces and decor details, it’s easy to overlook window treatments. However, your choice of window treatments can make or break the room’s aesthetic appeal. So, choosing materials that complement the room’s interior style is crucial. 

Heavier materials and layered drapes are typically best for an elegant or luxury finish, while sleek metal blinds fit better with modern and contemporary home interiors. In addition to considering the room’s aesthetics, you must also consider the room’s function and need for natural lighting. 

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Choose Timeless Options

You will want to replace your window treatments sparingly, so it’s wise to choose timeless options over fads. With this, avoid anything overly pleated, bulky, or excessively layered. 

Choose treatments that don’t restrict decorating within the room. Moreover, choosing the best window treatments is wise even if the interior style is altered later. 


Cellular blinds, roman shades, traditional blinds, shutters, and awnings are all considered energy-efficient window treatments. These treatments help regulate indoor temperatures and can also help reduce furniture damage caused by sunlight. 

It’s wise to choose energy-efficient treatments for windows that are north facing, as these windows get direct sunlight throughout the day. 

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Consider Automation

Home automation is trending, and for a good reason. Not only can smart home upgrades boost comfort and convenience, but they can also reduce home expenses and add to property value. And while smart door locks, automated lights, and smart thermostats are receiving most of the attention, smart window shades are another innovation worth considering. 

Motorized window treatments are quite a luxury, and they can maximize home security while reducing energy consumption. Beyond this, there’s no denying the sheer convenience of automated window shades. 

Blackout The Bedrooms

Blackout drapes are the most suitable choice for bedrooms. These drapes block out any light, which can help improve sleep quality by reducing visual disturbances. 

Blackout drapes are available in various styles, so be sure to choose drapes that complement the bedroom’s interior style. Moreover, the type of drapes should remain consistent throughout all bedrooms in the home. 

There are tons of choices when it comes tips for choosing the best window treatments. While this can make finding the best shades for your home a bit tricky, it also means you’ll see window treatments to suit the unique interiors of any home. 

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