Casa SS by Código Z

Casa SS by Código Z

Architects: Código Z
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Year: 2015
Area: 6.781 sqft / 630 sqm
Photo courtesy: Sófocles Hernández

Inside a standout amongst the most stylish zones of Mexico City, Casa SS was produced. The façade will call your consideration with distinctive and differentiating volumes: some produced using wood cross sections, others in regular stone, and strong hues with perky windows that will welcome you to come in and appreciate the entire venture.


When you are in you will be gotten by an entrancing tree and a coasted staircase. All of which is enlightened through a bay window, making a light and inviting climate. At that point, there is a social range partitioned in two, one is more recognizable and private, acclimated by a family room and a decent patio that prompts the terrace. The second one has a lounge area, a family room and a bar that is encompassed by a parallel yard with a vertical greenery enclosure and the terrace, making a characteristic and unwinding encompassing. It’s imperative to specify that every one of the regions can be isolated through the utilization of window ornaments keeping in mind the end goal to give closeness to its inhabitants.


Additionally situated in this story is the administration passage with a pantry joined with the roomy kitchen that has light subtle elements. Its exquisite surfaces are ideal for cooking and having little dinners.


Through the skimmed staircase there is another, more close, family room and a main room with a more than extensive restroom and changing area. Especially around there we can see a point by point outline that incorporates all the lavatory frill solely made for the house, and the precise enlightenment for making this space comfortable, unwinding and welcoming. The porch that fringes the floor plays with the yards to fuse the nature to these rooms.


At long last, in the last floor there is a stunning sky facing window in every one of the lobbies, joined by a wood grid giving the house with freshness to the mid year. The three children rooms are likewise solely intended for them, making a silly air inside this exquisite house.


With these attributes, benefit and stopping region in the storm cellar, Casa SS brings calm and rich down in a 450m2 (4,844ft2) land.

Casa-SS-by-Código-Z-07 Casa-SS-by-Código-Z-08 Casa-SS-by-Código-Z-09 Casa-SS-by-Código-Z-10 Casa-SS-by-Código-Z-11

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