Waterfront House Coogee by MPR Design Group

Waterfront House Coogee by MPR Design Group

Architects: MPR Design Group
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Year: 2010
Photo courtesy: MPR Design Group

Sydney-based studio MPR Design Group has outlined the Waterfront House Coogee venture. Situated on the shore of Australia Randwick Coogee The Waterfront House effectively joins the impact of capable primitives with additions of wood, and furniture points of interest, agreeable private lodging portfolio is a piece of the Assembly Design Group. Building design studio situated in Sydney to make structural planning that can draw in with a dazzling domain with a casual way.


Ignoring the sea, Waterfront House Coogee has 550 square feet of inside space, unpredictably associated with the outside through expansive sliding entryways. With a porch enriched with wooden pergola, a family withdraw is intended to make an agreeable move from inside spaces that are custom-made to the enticing open air stimulating region. With porches adorned with wooden pergolas, the family withdraw was intended to make an agreeable move from the modified inside spaces to the intriguing engrossing outside zones and completed off with an endlessness pool.

Coogee-House-02 Coogee-House-03-1 Coogee-House-03 Coogee-House-04 Coogee-House-05-1 Coogee-House-05 Coogee-House-06 Coogee-House-07-1 Coogee-House-07-2 Coogee-House-07-3 Coogee-House-07-4-1 Coogee-House-07-4 Coogee-House-07-5 Coogee-House-07-6 Coogee-House-07 Coogee-House-08 Coogee-House-09-1 Coogee-House-09-2 Coogee-House-09 Coogee-House-10 Coogee-House-11

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