Luxury residence on Sunset Strip

Luxury residence on Sunset Strip

Location: Sunset Strip, West Hollywood, California, USA
Price: $28.8 million
Photos: The Agency

Just on an uncommon event do we discover a drive-on domain in the Sunset Strip of this scale and limit, found seconds from the celebrated around the world road’s variety of world-class eateries, shopping and nightlife.


To travel past the stupendous entryways and taking off pepper tree fence of this Hagy Belzberg-outlined compound home is to enter a detached, resort-like haven where three particular structures – a Main Residence, Wellness Center and Guest House – summon you forward, alluring you to travel through their space so they can divulge one astonishment after another.


Compositionally motivating, in both appearance and capacity, 1232 Sunset Plaza transmits a warm, California current charm hung in advancement and enjoyment, while passing on an unmistakable feeling of quality, volume and strength. Outside and inside transitional spaces are rich in ease so that the ability to appreciate and engross is constantly sensible and easy.


Clearing all encompassing perspectives of the city, managed by a perpetual number of vantage focuses all through the bequest, are downright stunning. Just as dazzling are the perspectives of the property itself from inside, as engineering and scene components serve as creative expressions and over and over enjoyment as one investigates the property.


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