A house on an estate in the Shfela area by Dan and Hila Israelevitz Architects

A house on an estate in the Shfela area by Dan and Hila Israelevitz Architects

Architects: Dan and Hila Israelevitz Architects
Location: Shfela, Israel
Year: 2014
Area: 8,072 ft²/ 750 m²
Photo courtesy: Dan and Hila Israelevitz Architects

The building’s idea is a reconciliation with the characteristic scene in the zone and in the plot, while making an emotional passage façade that is still controlled and baffling toward the road. Rather than highlighting the expansive and general windows, and the entryways, the thought was to indicate the creating so as to work two solid pillars with a line of trees between them. Between these stands a segments arcade which prompt the passage corridor, with a fancy pool on both sides of the way. The passageway to the working, through a yard as a natural product tree plantation, constitutes an interruption before going into the house and makes a system for the building, worked of layers of dividers and segments.


The back façade, and indeed the arranging of the back part of the plot, constitutes the inverse of the implying at the passage façade. The building altogether opens to the L-formed plot and the swimming pool constitutes a grapple which interfaces the encompassing building’s wings.


Here the house is described by maximal openness, of wide and expansive openings which encompass the swimming pool and the plot. Keeping in mind the end goal to give normal and open to shading, manufactured pergolas and coupling shafts were outlined as a basic part of the building. These stream with the structure and characterize the scene as sections of photos.


A whole wing is intended for enthralling, with an open air kitchen, outside parlor and a shading region in like manner. The inside arranging is described by a connection between’s sight lines and strolling ways, which accomplished a feeling of extra openness and light.


The kitchen incorporates another way out to a wide morning garden with two old olive trees. This greenery enclosure is depicted by an enormous solid shaft which outlines the space.


The whole structure was arranged by thought, which means the right regular shading for the greater part of the building’s spaces, and the pergolas and distinctive shadings were arranged by required edges.

A-house-on-an-estate-in-the-Shfela-area-by-Dan-and-Hila-Israelevitz-Architects-06 A-house-on-an-estate-in-the-Shfela-area-by-Dan-and-Hila-Israelevitz-Architects-08 A-house-on-an-estate-in-the-Shfela-area-by-Dan-and-Hila-Israelevitz-Architects-09 A-house-on-an-estate-in-the-Shfela-area-by-Dan-and-Hila-Israelevitz-Architects-10 A-house-on-an-estate-in-the-Shfela-area-by-Dan-and-Hila-Israelevitz-Architects-11 A-house-on-an-estate-in-the-Shfela-area-by-Dan-and-Hila-Israelevitz-Architects-12 A-house-on-an-estate-in-the-Shfela-area-by-Dan-and-Hila-Israelevitz-Architects-13 A-house-on-an-estate-in-the-Shfela-area-by-Dan-and-Hila-Israelevitz-Architects-14 A-house-on-an-estate-in-the-Shfela-area-by-Dan-and-Hila-Israelevitz-Architects-15 A-house-on-an-estate-in-the-Shfela-area-by-Dan-and-Hila-Israelevitz-Architects-16 A-house-on-an-estate-in-the-Shfela-area-by-Dan-and-Hila-Israelevitz-Architects-17 A-house-on-an-estate-in-the-Shfela-area-by-Dan-and-Hila-Israelevitz-Architects-18 A-house-on-an-estate-in-the-Shfela-area-by-Dan-and-Hila-Israelevitz-Architects-19 A-house-on-an-estate-in-the-Shfela-area-by-Dan-and-Hila-Israelevitz-Architects-20 A-house-on-an-estate-in-the-Shfela-area-by-Dan-and-Hila-Israelevitz-Architects-21 A-house-on-an-estate-in-the-Shfela-area-by-Dan-and-Hila-Israelevitz-Architects-22 A-house-on-an-estate-in-the-Shfela-area-by-Dan-and-Hila-Israelevitz-Architects-23 A-house-on-an-estate-in-the-Shfela-area-by-Dan-and-Hila-Israelevitz-Architects-24 A-house-on-an-estate-in-the-Shfela-area-by-Dan-and-Hila-Israelevitz-Architects-25 A-house-on-an-estate-in-the-Shfela-area-by-Dan-and-Hila-Israelevitz-Architects-26 A-house-on-an-estate-in-the-Shfela-area-by-Dan-and-Hila-Israelevitz-Architects-27 A-house-on-an-estate-in-the-Shfela-area-by-Dan-and-Hila-Israelevitz-Architects-28 A-house-on-an-estate-in-the-Shfela-area-by-Dan-and-Hila-Israelevitz-Architects-29

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