How Window Shades Upgrade Your Home Décor

How Window Shades Upgrade Your Home Décor

Windows are more than just an opening to see the outside. They let natural light come in and circulate air or block harsh winds. But they still need window treatments or coverings to ensure privacy and add more attractiveness to the place. In addition, these window coverings can add color and decor to the room. All you need to do is decide how to use them to fit your home’s style and be informed about window shades upgrade your home décor.

However, one must choose window coverings carefully as they may not go well with the interior design of your home or suit your windows. If this happens, you may have to do the buying and installation process again. 

Shades are an example of window covering that can go along with your interior design. It consists of continuously rolled materials to envelop a large window. It’s placed close to the window and put together cleanly from above. It’s an ideal fit for your home décor as it can alter the vibe of your room based on your personality and own customization. There are various types of window shades that you can use for your window treatment, such as custom roman shades. This article will educate you about the latter.

1. Roman Shades

The classic Roman-era Coliseum awnings are the root of why modern roman shades are called what it is now. It has the same concept—a mixture of roller and balloon shades. 

One feature of this shade is that the horizontal fold along its length allows them to be elevated or lowered. Another feature is that it has different control types for any house requirements. Moreover, it can be covered with other window treatments or used individually.  

What’s great about this attractive window shade is its different types, such as cascade, Aventura, flat, relaxed, Tulip, and pleated. And you can choose any to upgrade your house’s aesthetic. 

Furthermore, roman shades come in various colors and fabrics. These stylish shades will go with any decorating style so long as you opt for a material that will go along with your home décor and room. For example, you can choose a muted-colored shade to add softness to your bedroom or opt for a lush silk damask to complement your formal dining or sitting room. Overall, roman shades for windows can offer that look which can become a start of a discussion.

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2. Roller Shades

Choose roller shades if you want a simple window covering for your home. It has a pulley-type system and can also fit in a window casement. Roller shades can last for many years. It’s also less expensive and comes in various lifting systems and fabrics. Lastly, it’s good at causing medium light and blocking sunlight entirely. 

There are different types of roller shades. You can choose sunscreen roller shades that consist of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)-coated polyester threads. You can also select Duo roller shades with two rolls that immediately allow your room to have significant brightness and darkness. Lastly, you can opt for blackout roller shades with one layer called polyurethane layer that can notably dim your room. 

Likewise, their minimalist and contemporary look can go along with almost any type of room. For example, they can suit your smaller windows in the kitchen or bedroom or your front room’s large windows. In addition, you can find roller shades in various colors and materials and are flexible with regards to going with any design style. The reason is that their lines are clean.

3. Cellular Shades

Cellular shades, also called honeycomb shades, have a honeycomb cellular material that safeguards a home from heat and cold by containing the air through such material. This shade can protect your home from ultraviolet rays while allowing you privacy. 

A cellular shade has two fabric layers that contrastingly fold. It also has less stack when you elevate it, so it won’t hinder your view or affect your house’s aesthetic. In addition, it can also filter light moderately or more effectively. 

In terms of window treatment, these shades’ distinct designs can be visually appealing, and they can also be suitable for most rooms. In addition, modern and Art Deco decorating schemes can be a nice pair for this shade.


Window treatments can help you to decorate your interior. One window covering you can use for your windows is window shades. There are various kinds of window shades, each with features that you can fit with your home’s internal design to improve the aesthetic. Hopefully, this article helps you know how window shades can let you achieve a better home décor.

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