Wooden Fence House for four in a mini-development site by Hitotomori/Tomoko

Wooden Fence House for four in a mini-development site by Hitotomori/Tomoko

Architects: Hitotomori/Tomoko
Location: Matsubara, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Year: 2015
Area: 861 ft²/ 80 m²
Photo courtesy: Youhei Sasakura

“A house for four people that was built on a mini-development site. To ensure privacy, a fence runs along the boundary line of the property and the street. The fence is designed as the facade of the house.


Morning light is filtered through a large square of frosted glass within the fence to fall on the dining room table. Light also passes between the top of the fence and the eaves of the house and is diffused by the leaves of the trees along the fence creating an effect one would not expect from the relative dreary surrounding environment. Because of the placement of a veranda in the back garden, light is able to enter from the space between the neighbouring building and the Fence House; the light seemingly sublimates off the brass door of a Buddhist home alter.


Light streams down through skylights, diffusing off the white wall of the stairs and provides a sense of modulation. The shadows normally made by the low stair height of 2.06 meters are deepened by the effect from the skylights. It is the modulation of light and shadow and the way breezes pass through the house which gives the Fence House its individual character and makes for a rich living environment. The hand made timber framed construction and highly detail oriented carpentry, gives this building sitting on a mini-development sight an appearance of true beauty.”

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