House L by Schneider & Lengauer

House L by Schneider & Lengauer

Architects: Schneider & Lengauer
Location: Scharten, Austria
Photos: Kurt Hoerbst

It began with a welcomed rivalry, which is exceedingly unpredictable for a solitary family home. Schneider and Lengauer won the delicate and had the chance to manage the customer’s exact prerequisites in subtle element. Three key prerequisites portray the outcome.

House-L-00aTo start with, it was important to coordinate the site’s characteristics into a prestigious private and workplace. Second, the customer set awesome significance on vitality productive configuration. What’s more, thirdly, the home ought to mirror the family’s affection for the shading white.


The building, in which the group of four lives with two felines, is likewise home to the visual communication studio of the customer and besides exhibits the individual photograph accumulation of the proprietor. Arranged on a ridge inclining toward the south, the home opens to awesome perspectives of the Eferding Basin, the piedmont and the significant tops of the Northern Limestone Alps.


The building creates along the northern property line, where the upper floor incorporates rooms, sterile and subordinate rooms, a carport for two autos and the visual depiction office. A solitary straight-flight staircase opens up the primary living territory in the storm cellar. This is planned as an open stage space, completely coated towards the south and west, with a striking spatial outside reference. All around, the predominant shading is white (RAL 9016), with the champagne-hued floors just delicately emerging.


The south-bound primary level offers space to the eating and living regions and also a music room that incorporates a library. Characterized installations, for example, a Victorian corbel shelf, isolate these zones. The adjusted edges and in part coated building obscure the limit in the middle of inside and outside. Along these lines the building envelope passes on a tender impression regardless of the particular floor arrangement. Carefree points of interest in the inside, particularly a Venetian mirror over the chimney, differentiate the unmistakable change of climate and vegetation. Sliding entryways open the space to the patio and pool. From that point, a substantial staircase opens to the lower-lying patio nursery range, an asylum for protection, lined only with white blooming plants.


The strengthened solid development with 25 cm divider thickness and external mineral fleece protection (18 cm) is secured by a level rooftop with inward waste and 24 cm thick EPS protection. The ground heat exchanger that cools the house in summer and warms it in winter additionally adds to the magnificent vitality equalization. As indicated by the vitality confirmation of Upper Austria, House L. meets every one of the guidelines of a low-vitality house (vitality record: 24 kWh/m²a).

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