Residence in Kifisia by N. Koukourakis & Associates

Residence in Kifisia by N. Koukourakis & Associates

Architects: N. Koukourakis & Associates
Location: Kifisia, Athens, Greece
Year: 2012
Area: 350 sqm
Photos:Vaggelis Paterakis

A place of 350 m² in Kifissia is a desert garden for a group of four, built in a little, square level plot. The guest enters through the left half of the building. The outline idea concentrated on setting up extra outdoors spaces to make a charming natural surroundings in the little plot.

Residence-in-Kifisia-20Along these lines, the stone mass in the plot’s passage isolates the normal use zones from the more confined spaces hence making the vital protection.

Residence-in-Kifisia-01 (1)

The trademark component of the floor arrangement which was produced on the extents’ premise of the human body, is the minimisation of halls and the liquid’s improvement movement of the individual volumes of the building. Therefore, in the ground floor which corresponds actually and outwardly with the encompassing space, we have the inviting/group spaces (lobby, parlor, rest room, lounge area, kitchen) which through substantial inside and outside openings use all regular light to the biggest degree, while in the meantime they seem to supplement the outside/open spaces since they are specifically joined.


The twofold level opening in the family room attempts to join “people in general” and “private” spaces of the living arrangement. On the first floor we have the front room – office and the kids’ rooms with overhangs without railings and straightforward glass for expansion of the perspective. On the second floor the Master Bedroom has limitless perspective and an inconceivable veranda. The storm cellar includes extra auxiliary ‘practical rooms’ and additionally the visitor room.


The structural components utilized for the masses’ outside of the building, for example, levels molded and separated by the vertical material and their galleries, join the void and the full spaces, the strong with the translucent parts, outwardly gathering the habitation spaces agreeably inside of the plot. The consolidated configuration of the mechanical components of the utilities and hardware so as not to meddle outwardly or sound astute with the general structural piece of the building, helped with meeting this end.


The materials utilized for the outside’s development shell constitute the segments utilized as a part of the interior spaces. Espresso dark covering and wood in a monochromatic dialog characterize the general structure of this building. The utilization of wood in the outer spaces, the ground floor and the galleries copies and outwardly unites the living arrangement’s spaces.


The house’s shell is developed utilizing an exterior protection framework, the aluminum housings have warm break framework and high spec twofold vitality glass boards. Warming is given through the floor while there is likewise a focal aerating and cooling framework. It is built as per the determinations of a brilliant home where all operations including lighting, the development of shades, the alert framework, video observation cameras, multi room sound framework and aerating and cooling are all controlled by a brought together framework.


The furniture takes after the straightforward and insignificant topic of the building’s spaces, enchasing the perfect configuration lines and light shades of the structure and in addition the essential capacity of light and the spaces’ solace.


The building wins with its barely recognizable differences while its mass is isolated however not weakened by the rich encompassing openings, giving it an outside sense through the presentation of regular light. The considerable glass surfaces allow a perpetual dialog of the indoor with the outside spaces, without making at all the feeling of segregation of the inside.

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