The Ufogel: Small Mountain Retrait in Tyrol

The Ufogel: Small Mountain Retrait in Tyrol

Location: East Tyrol, Austria
Photo courtesy: Ufogel

A compact building, made entirely of wood, both inside as well as outside. The smell of wood flows through the room. A generous, as the only access bridge-like connection to the seemingly floating building. Slippers are standing in the entrance area, almost like home. Following you will find the kitchen with sink and hob. A stove with optional hotplate complements the kitchen and spreads warmth throughout the house.


The cantilevered table can comfortably accommodate 6-8 people. For more generosity, the seat can be folded down. The huge panoramic window connects Inside and Outside. Natural materials, coupled with quality products – the best of the region. Substances (Villgrater Natur), produces in East Tyrol gives more softness and comfort. Whether you relax comfortably, watching TV, playing, sleeping, cooking or just want to calm down – nothing seems impossibel. Upstairs there is a spacious double bed in pine, which can be transformed into a bed when needed. Another, separate bunk offers the special recreational value for two.


An open glass cabinet with a view into the shower creates sufficient space for luggage. The barrier -free bathroom, overlooking the mountains of East Tyrol makes the shower experience. The Ufogel has a floor heating, which can optionally be supplemented by the stove. A refrigerator and a storage box with several areas are available. For hot summer days, a fully automatic sun protection system is installed, which can be operated manually.

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