Coppin Penthouse by JAM Architects

Coppin Penthouse by JAM Architects

Location: Victoria, Australia

Photos: JAM Architects


Long, luxurious, and lavish are three words that immediately come to mind when you see the Coppin Penthouse designed by JAM Architects. Standing high above the street of Victoria Australia this penthouse is ready to host large parties or as a luxurious escape for the owners. Coppin-Penthouse-17The home has a long narrow swimming pool running along one side of the observation decks. The decks look out over the skyline of Victoria giving you a incredible view of the city.
Coppin-Penthouse-01The kitchen continues the long luxurious feeling. The cooking and eating bar seems to run forever through the long kitchen. When you step into entertainment room, you will be shocked by the extremely long curved couch giving everyone in the room a perfect view of the massive television mounted on the wall.Coppin-Penthouse-02The dining area continues the long lavish feeling with an exquisite table and chairs to host a massive dinner party. To the side you find a large wine rack ready to keep your friends enchanted for the evening.


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