Ipês House by Studio MK27

Ipês House by Studio MK27

Architects: Studio MK27
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2011
Photo courtesy: Reinaldo Cóser

Ten years back, when StudioMK27 attempted to do a venture utilizing uncovered solid, numerous developers said this was basically inconceivable. No doubt, Right – Brazil that has a boundless present day convention in the utilization of crude cement? Amid a determinate period, in the 90′s, the utilization of the material declined strongly, limited to the couple of modelers that utilized it tentatively and sporadically, without settling a useful ability.


Cement is, then again, a sort of x-beam of the development and of the progression of time, where the surface is impregnated with the littlest imperfections as well as the bunches of the wood. It is fluid stone, as has as of now been said.


The experience of developing in crude cement amid these most recent ten years has indicated StudioMK27 the illogicalness of making a completely culminate material. The House of Ipês joins this experience of outline and development in uncovered cement.


In this house the material is utilized as a part of a radical way all through the upper volume and, in that capacity, the substantial solid box has all the earmarks of being gliding on a glass volume. In the parlor, which proceeds to the veranda and the greenery enclosure, the entryways open totally, weakening the division in the middle of inside and outside. The primary passage is done through rotating boards that additionally open totally to the front patio nursery. In the inner space, a long unpredictably molded couch wriggles around the room, developing a space with no pecking order among the distinctive introductions.


On the top floor, a TV room appropriates the dissemination to the rooms, which are lit by a wood obstruct on the solid mass of the veneer. The wooden brises offer the inside extraordinary warm solace and makes it conceivable to absolutely control the lighting.


The structure of the house consolidates substantial compasses which complement the Idea of a drifting Box, other than satisfying an absolutely free and nonstop space. The utilization of crude solid alludes to advanced structures, stylishly and practically, as in a dialog with this current building design. The House of Ipês, with its fantastic compasses and beast material, unfolds a restraint and the solid impregnated by the progression of time, uncovered the presence of the life of the building.

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