The Royal Penthouse II by Coco Republic Interior Design

The Royal Penthouse II by Coco Republic Interior Design

Location: Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Photo courtesy: Steve Back

The impressive floor plan of this three bedroom penthouse located right on Newcastle Beach needed a comprehensive interior fit out that was luxurious, coastal and complementary to the streamline architecture of the building.


Over a 5 month period the Penthouse was transformed into its current state. Soft natural materials of timber, stone, washed linens and jute combined to achieve a light, soft palette that offers easy living, whilst referencing the coastal environment beyond in a harmonious way.


Design Concept:

  • Soft natural materials; timber, stone, washed linens and jute were used to create a soft, light palette that connects the apartment with it’s outdoor surroundings.
  • Soft lines in the interior are reflected in the furniture design choices, all contemporary yet timeless.
  • Accessories shelves are used to display natural artefacts, artworks and family photographs.
  • A neutral palette with grey, sand and blue accents references the coastal environment outside.
  • A mirror above the fireplace in the living room plays with the natural light via the balcony during the day.
  • There was a design focus on easy of living, with all rooms designed for comfort and functionality.

Royal-Penthouse-II-04 Royal-Penthouse-II-05 Royal-Penthouse-II-06 Royal-Penthouse-II-07 Royal-Penthouse-II-08 Royal-Penthouse-II-09-1 Royal-Penthouse-II-09 Royal-Penthouse-II-10 Royal-Penthouse-II-11 Royal-Penthouse-II-12 Royal-Penthouse-II-13 Royal-Penthouse-II-14 Royal-Penthouse-II-15 Royal-Penthouse-II-16 Royal-Penthouse-II-17 Royal-Penthouse-II-18 Royal-Penthouse-II-19

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