San Lorenzo House by de Blacam and Meagher Architects

San Lorenzo House by de Blacam and Meagher Architects

Architects: de Blacam and Meagher Architects
Location: Quinta do Lago,
Year: 7,000 sqft
Area: 2013
Photo courtesy: de Blacam and Meagher Architects

The estate is determined to a slanted site encompassed by pine trees confronting an open scene.


The passage side of the house with its shut and private rise, appears differently in relation to the open southwest confronting rise and its twofold tallness colonnade on the patio nursery side, all set inside of a straightforward scene orchestrated screening, security and shade.


The house is extended along the length of the site in a progression of volumes that stride slowly up the slant from the passage street to the twofold tallness lounge room at the top.

San-Lorenzo-House-03 San-Lorenzo-House-04 San-Lorenzo-House-05 San-Lorenzo-House-06 San-Lorenzo-House-07 San-Lorenzo-House-08 San-Lorenzo-House-09 San-Lorenzo-House-10 San-Lorenzo-House-11 San-Lorenzo-House-12 San-Lorenzo-House-13 San-Lorenzo-House-14 San-Lorenzo-House-15 San-Lorenzo-House-16 San-Lorenzo-House-17 San-Lorenzo-House-18 San-Lorenzo-House-19 San-Lorenzo-House-20 San-Lorenzo-House-21 San-Lorenzo-House-22 San-Lorenzo-House-23


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