OVD 919 House by SAOTA

OVD 919 House by SAOTA

Architects; SAOTA
Location: Bantry Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
Year: 2014
Area: 10,538 sqft
Photo courtesy: Adam Letch


The Brief was to make an astounding home which typified the far reaching 360 degree mountain and ocean sees. In spite of the fact that perspectives out were central this should have been be deliberately adjusted with the required security from inside. The living regions were to be open arrangement – improving regular life. “The structural planning required spotlight on making a contemporary, uncluttered and sculptural building,” said Tamaryn Fourie, senior partner and extend colleague.



The site is incredibly situated on the mountain edge beneath Lions Head with perspectives of Robben Island toward the North and Camps Bay and the Twelve Apostles toward the South.



Working with a moderately soak site and the way that the Southern limit is imparted to a National Park, the configuration tackled a delicate methodology. The auxiliary spaces were situated at the lower levels with consideration taken to cutoff removal. From the street these levels are disguised by a vast North confronting scene divider – its redid precise outline accomplishes a characteristic result. Deliberately situated infiltrations inside of the scene divider grant common light and ventilation to the rooms past yet coating is set back and accordingly covered.


“On landing in a mid-level one is tricked through the principle carport with its twofold volume and graffiti dividers towards the pole of light and sprinkle of finishing radiating from the coated Entrance Area past. Sculptural timber clad stairs wrap themselves around a halfway situated glass lift and take one to the upper levels of the house,” says Philip Olmesdahl, SAOTA chief and venture colleague.


The building is constrained to just two stories over the edge. The primary living ranges, pool patio and greenery enclosure are underneath with the family rooms deliberately situated at the highest level for security.


The “layering” of the house grants distinctive encounters in contrast spaces. From the principle stairs the linearity of the altered cast bronze espresso bar drives one into the ‘heart of the home’ – the Kitchen. The Kitchen thus spills into the Dining Room and the Summer Lounge with its high roof of ribbed cement. The Winter Lounge is likewise contiguous the Kitchen yet this time the roof is lower – confining the perspective – which together with the halfway situated chimney makes a private space for more casual get-togethers.


“All through this level limits are obscured and there’s a brilliant progression in the middle of inward and outer living – it’s a house for all seasons and plays off the state of mind of the atmosphere and encompassing scene,” said Tamaryn Fourie. The huge exhibition sort spaces underscore the attraction of the site and its ever introduce scenery of the mountains and the ocean.


A yard “cuts” into primary living zones – its waterfeature and fragile weathered Cor-Ten screen guarantees a peaceful and protected space. The base of the waterfeature is coated to scoop refracted light into the principle carport underneath. The “woven” Cor-Ten screen energetically reflects light inside whilst additionally offering protection to the room level above.


“The tasteful of the main two stories – when seen remotely – is of solid white solid pillars. Their weight is emphasizd as they appear to “buoy” on light coated veneers,” says Joe Schützer-Weissmann. With restricted dividers and sections this house is about the perspective – notwithstanding coating has diminished mullions wherever conceivable.


A ribbed pre-thrown solid soffit makes coherence between the living spaces with all administrations being deliberately co-ordinated in order to vanish inside of breaks. All off-shade cement was thrown utilizing a tweaked white solid blend. Once cured this was sandblasted to uncover a fine – painstakingly chose – total bringing about a powerful and unprecious look.


The slender overhang of the zinc rooftop are additionally fragile as opposed to the enormous shafts underneath and seems to drift over the upper level.


The cleaned solid floors of both the interior and outside living zones guarantee their consistent congruity. The immortality of common oak is praised and consolidated with highlight metal insets for room floors and all inward joinery.


The main room which is on the highest level is defined again from the limit line to expand protection from the mountain ways. “An extensive grower off the primary room repeats the significance of the regular surroundings and their association with the ocean sees past,” noted Philip Olmesdahl.

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