Oak Pass Main House by Walker Workshop

Oak Pass Main House by Walker Workshop

Architects: Walker Workshop
Location: Beverly Hills, California, USA
Photo courtesy: Joe Fletcher

The Oak Pass principle house sits on the highest point of a 3.5 section of land edge site with all encompassing ravine sees. The house was sited to exploit the perspectives without the house turning into a focal visual core interest.


The utilizing so as to mass was lessened an “upside down” project with the general population spaces situated over the rooms, which are covered into the slope and secured underneath a vegetated rooftop. A lower level yard permits light and air to stream to the covered corridor of the room level.


A seventy five foot long lap pool with vastness edges on three of four sides, separates the house and slips underneath one of the biggest oaks on the property.


The house is essentially developed of basic cement taking into consideration long, segment free compasses. The floors on the room level are walnut. The floors on the upper level are limestone.

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