Storm Cottage by Fearon Hay Architects

Storm Cottage by Fearon Hay Architects

Location: Great Barrier Island, New Zealand
Photo courtesy: Patrick Reynolds

Located on the east coast of Great Barrier Island – a black rough sawn timber box sits looking north to the sea. The dark exterior palette is completed with a layer of perforated metal screens. This operable layer allows the moderation of light / air and protection both when occupied and alone. Internally walls and floors are clad with oiled oak boards that provide a warm counter to its robust exterior.


The programme provides for a pair of symmetrical bedrooms and ensuites set about a central living space.Care has been made to limit the scale of the building and maintain a sense of ‘cottage’. The building is off the grid, powered by solar panels independent systems for water collection and treatment. This is a retreat that provides shelter, warmth and comfort to engage with the wilderness and isolation of the remote setting.

Storm-Cottage-02 Storm-Cottage-03 Storm-Cottage-04 Storm-Cottage-05 Storm-Cottage-06 Storm-Cottage-07 Storm-Cottage-08 Storm-Cottage-09 Storm-Cottage-10

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