Can Pep de Sa Guaita by Ivan Torres Arquitectos

Can Pep de Sa Guaita by Ivan Torres Arquitectos

Architects: Ivan Torres Arquitectos
Location: Ibiza, Spain
Photo courtesy: Ivan Torres Arquitectos

Composed by Ivan Torres Arquitectos, this ravishing contemporary home is situated in Ibiza, Spain. It was deliberately situated to exploit the island’s notable common magnificence. Sunny, warm, and with a rich vegetation, Ibiza is more than only a brilliant spot for late spring parties and fun getaways – it is additionally an awesome spot to call home, with peaceful private properties, for example, this one.


The private house is an exceptionally moderate yet splendidly agreeable home. A vast patio holds two swimming pools and a lot of spot to sunbathe, relax, eat, or play a few games on the green grass.


The insides are pretty much as spotless and rich as the outside, with numerous openings that welcome common light in each and every niche. The extensive spaces and smooth moves between them give a feeling of extravagance and moment unwinding to any individual who ventures inside.

Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-03 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-04 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-05 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-06 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-07 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-08 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-09 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-10 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-11 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-12 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-13 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-14 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-15 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-16 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-17 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-18 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-19 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-20 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-21 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-22 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-23 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-24 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-25 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-26 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-27 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-28 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-29 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-30 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-31 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-32 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-33 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-34 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-35 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-36 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-37 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-38 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-39 Can-Pep-de-Sa-Guaita-40

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