House in Valle de Morna by Blacam and Meagher Architects

House in Valle de Morna by Blacam and Meagher Architects

Architects: Blacam and Meagher Architects
Location: Morna Valley, Ibiza, Spain
Year: 2011
Photos: Blacam and Meaguer Architects

The property is situated on a south-bound slope Morna Valley, in the focal point of the island of Ibiza. This is the principle home on a property in which are found various littler private extensions.


The plot was terraced for rural use from old porches contained by neighborhood stone dividers and spotted with vegetation where the pines stand as the overwhelming component. The property was set in the biggest porch.


In the wake of creating a lattice 3.6m in the arrangement and segment, the lodging can be perused as a juxtaposition of desk areas and finished open air yards and arcaded spaces, in an unmistakable typology reinterpretation of old ranches payesas.


The exterior is limed with customary routines for the island. Solid piece dividers, revoltones fired, stone deck and nearby limestone outsides resuleven significant development components. All furniture, lighting and arranging are outlined by draftsmen.


While the twofold tallness yard that amplifies the living-feasting regions overwhelms the structure, the least components housed the rooms – all can, porch and open air shower and appreciate independently cross ventilation which gets rid of the utilization of aerating and cooling.


Conventional mode payesas homesteads, water is gathered in level rooftops and unites to a brought together tank for reuse. The new dividers have been manufactured urbanization with neighborhood limestone and utilizing conventional routines. The patios have been finished with herbs and Olvos.


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