Hotchkiss Residence by Scott Edwards Architects

Hotchkiss Residence by Scott Edwards Architecture

Architects: Scott Edwards Architecture
Location: Vancouver, Washington, USA
Year: 2010
Area: 1.988 sqft
Photo courtesy: Peter Eckert

The proprietors, a couple in their 70’s who have lived on the property for more than 40 years, looked to revamp their particular home which had outlasted its lifespan. They wanted a “straightforward living” space. The 1,988 SF, 1.5 room home sits settled on the banks of the Columbia River and reacts to astonishing perspectives of the stream and Mt. Hood past. The home, composed by Rick Berry, uses the Northwest vernacular, which underscores the wood basic framework, shields the home from 9 months of downpour, and catches winter daylight.


The single slant rooftop begins over the room and ascends to its pinnacle over the front room. The rooftop likewise cantilevers over the southern confronting deck, making a space that is delighted in and used year round by the proprietors. Be that as it may, amid the winter, daylight enters profound into the parlor and latently warms the uncovered solid floors.


With a financial plan of $550k, the outline is limited by straightforwardness, accentuations its auxiliary framework, conservative for a maturing customer, and constructed to react to the brisk changing Northwest climate. The home connected by scaffolds to the proprietors girls and children homes, which sit contiguous, finishes the family compound.

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