House 6 by Studio MK27

House 6 by Studio MK27

Architects: Studio MK27
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2010
Photo courtesy: Rômulo Fialdini, Pedro Kok

The House 6 undertaking was thoroughly considered after the customer had made a vital solicitation. The family needed a secured outer space to be utilized for regular living. This space ought to be utilized to sort out all the social existence of the house. The Brazilian tropical atmosphere proposes plentiful utilization of these arrangements in vernacular and also in present day structural engineering. Starting from the frontier, Brazilian structural planning has normally fused a space that was known as the veranda. Verandas are secured direct spaces before the lounge room and rooms which go about as the middle person between the inside and outside.


In the House 6 extend, the thought of the veranda has been reexamined. The veranda is not precisely before the family room, arranged longitudinally, at the same time, somewhat, opposite to it. The wooden columns that offer backing to the structure and the dirt tiles of customary verandas have been substituted by cutting edge pilotis that backing a volume of level sections. The veranda of House 6, regardless, still remains an open space and, at the same time, opens to the greenery enclosure and the pool. It is a front room, a TV room and an expansion of the inside kitchen.


This space, then, organized the whole structural planning of the house, sorted out in two transversal volumes and an extension in the back that holds a home office. The lower volume houses the utilities, the kitchen and the front room with door jambs that can be recessed into the dividers, and consequently completely opening the inward space to either side. This sets the cross-ventilation and a free coterminous perspective of the greenery enclosure. The upper volume has the private zone of the house with the rooms and, on the third floor there is a little different use front room close by an upper deck.


Compositionally, the space of the veranda, situated under the rooms, would have a low roof stature, to make a warm feeling. The total of the structure of the two opposite volumes and the family room roof tallness would bring about a high roof. Along these lines, it was chosen to make the family room lower in connection to the veranda and the patio nursery. This outcome made it conceivable to have a house with extended extents and the reasonability of a secured outside wonderful space to be utilized on both warm and cool days in the city of São Paulo.

House-6-01-4 House-6-01-5 House-6-02-0 House-6-02-1 House-6-02-2 House-6-02-3 House-6-02-4 House-6-02-5 House-6-02-6 House-6-03-0 House-6-03-1 House-6-03-2 House-6-03-3 House-6-03-4 House-6-03 House-6-04 House-6-05 House-6-06 House-6-07-1 House-6-07 House-6-11-3 House-6-12-1 House-6-12-5 House-6-12 House-6-14 House-6-16-0-1 House-6-16-0 House-6-16 House-6-19 House-6-20 House-6-21 House-6-25-1 House-6-25 House-6-29-1 House-6-29 House-6-41 House-6-42 House-6-43 House-6-44

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