Graticule House by David Jameson Architect

Graticule House by David Jameson Architect

Architects: David Jameson Architect
Location: Great Falls, Virginia, USA
Year: 2009
Photo courtesy: Nic Lehoux Photography

Arranged on a slope site, the Graticule House is considered to be a follow, or reference datum, permitting a perusing of the relationship between the building and nature. Major to the origination of the house is the thought of rhythm, where dull vertical and flat markers of the building’s tectonics are compared with the distinction of the timberland and ground plane. Light and space are balanced by cross section strips of glass and divider planes that shape a tessellation of strong and void.

Graticule-House-01 Graticule-House-02 Graticule-House-03-1 Graticule-House-03-2 Graticule-House-03 Graticule-House-04-1 Graticule-House-04-2-1 Graticule-House-04-2-2 Graticule-House-04-2 Graticule-House-04-3 Graticule-House-04-4 Graticule-House-04-5 Graticule-House-04-6 Graticule-House-04 Graticule-House-05-1 Graticule-House-05-2 Graticule-House-05 Graticule-House-06-1 Graticule-House-06-2 Graticule-House-06 Graticule-House-07-1 Graticule-House-07-2 Graticule-House-07-3 Graticule-House-07-4 Graticule-House-07-5 Graticule-House-07-6 Graticule-House-07 Graticule-House-08-0 Graticule-House-08-1 Graticule-House-08-2 Graticule-House-08-3 Graticule-House-08 Graticule-House-13-0 Graticule-House-13-1 Graticule-House-13-3 Graticule-House-14-2 Graticule-House-14 Graticule-House-15-1 Graticule-House-15 Graticule-House-16-1 Graticule-House-16 Graticule-House-17 Graticule-House-18 Graticule-House-21 Graticule-House-22

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