Clearview Residence by Altius Architecture

Clearview Residence by Altius Architecture

Architects: Altius Architecture
Location: Clearview, Ontario, Canada
Year: 2011
Area: 4,500 square foot
Photos: Altius Architecture

Intended for a nearby craftsman to appreciate, this home is found only south of Collingwood, in the heart of the Clearview territory. A wide choice of supportable innovations, including a geothermal lake circle and green house set this task separated from others in the range. The building itself draws motivation from various personal connections and perspectives, both through the contiguous forest, and also over the adjacent lake.

Clearview-25The structures project is really broad and with the customers longing to keep up the lion’s share of this more than one level the outline group were especially mindful of the need to incorporate the building into its surroundings in an inconspicuous house. Hence this rapidly got to be one of our fundamental centers and along these lines gave the plan genuine course, as we tried to mastermind every space properly inside of the general design so to exploit the site and its excellence and in addition to verify that the building was as easy to understand and utilitarian as would be prudent.


The material palette was of specific significance as it was foremost that the building got to be soaks inside of its surroundings, thus we decided to seek after a choice of materials that would mirror the way of nearby scene and specifically its sonally changing hues and surfaces. Consistent with this we fused the always advancing attributes of corten steel, the hearty tones of a profound dim/blue ‘Cape Cod’ pre-completed wood siding, and in addition different items like slate and ipe wood decking.


An entire host of other green procedures have been joined, including a low-affect even lake circle geothermal warming framework, a green house with a dark water reusing framework, intentional sunlight based introduction, low-stream plumbing apparatuses, and nearby materials.


Clearview-03 Clearview-04 Clearview-05 Clearview-06 Clearview-07 Clearview-08 Clearview-09 Clearview-10 Clearview-11 Clearview-12 Clearview-13 Clearview-14 Clearview-15 Clearview-16 Clearview-17 Clearview-18 Clearview-19 Clearview-20 Clearview-21 Clearview-22 Clearview-23 Clearview-24 Clearview-26

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