How to renovate awkward bedrooms

How to renovate awkward bedrooms – and what NOT to do

Is it time for a refresh in the bedroom? If the décor has gone stale and things are looking a little worn-down, it might no longer be the sanctuary you want to retreat to after a long day.

How your bedroom is set up could even have a negative impact on your nightly shuteye, so switching things up could be crucial if you are struggling to sleep.

But what to do if your room is small or awkwardly proportioned – an attic room with sloping ceilings, for example.

Here are some tips to follow if you’re planning a bedroom renovation, including some things to avoid!

DO: Make the most of every inch

Trying to cram individual wardrobes and drawers into a smaller space will not only give you a logistical headache but will also leave unsightly wasted space up high and to the side.

Opting for fitted wardrobes with built-in drawers will fill every available nook and cranny with purpose-built storage space and keep the clutter at bay – opening up your small space further.

DO: Find the right lighting

You will need to think about the impacts that both natural and artificial light can have on your sleeping pattern. Blackout blinds and curtains will keep you undisturbed on bright summer mornings, while dimmed bedside lights will help you calm down before bed.

Phones, TVs and other screens emit blue light – which can trick your brain into forgetting it’s nearly time to sleep. Putting the devices down 30 minutes before your head hits the pillow will help you sleep soundly.

DO: Add bits of you

Chances are, your bedroom is the one room of your house that not many other people will get to see, so why not make it all about you?

Pictures from your favourite nights out, mementos brought back from unforgettable holidays and artwork that speaks directly to you will all help to remind you of the good times if you’ve had a stressful day.

DON’T: Stray from your plan

Before renovating, plan out exactly where everything is going to go and then STICK to it. This is especially important for small and awkward rooms, where space can quickly vanish if you’re not careful.

DON’T: Overlook the power of colour

OK, so neon pink might be your favourite colour, but be careful how you use it in your bedroom design. A cushion here, and lampshade there? No problem. Walls bathed in it? Good luck getting to sleep.

DON’T: Treat the floor as an afterthought

You might not spend much time looking at it, but your feet will thank you on those cold mornings if they have something nice and fluffy to bed into after swinging out of bed – especially important for those with hard floors.

Good luck with your bedroom renovation!

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