Tetris house by Rzlbd – Reza Aliabadi

Tetris house by Rzlbd – Reza Aliabadi

Architects: Rzlbd – Reza Aliabadi
Location: Toronto, Canada
Year: 2013
Area: 3000 sqft
Photos: borXu Design

We have all played the amusement “Tetris” in any event once in our lives. We were hypnotized by the enchantment of geometry and compensated by our proficiency. For rzlbd Tetris is not only a round of piece course of action and quick execution, however it is a mission of viable outline.

Tetris House 01In the event that a fashioner of space was to be organized as Tetris squares, there would be essentially zero squandered space inside of a building. At the point when a customer requested a system that appeared to be difficult to fit in a 40′ by 110′ part, exceptionally if one tries to regard a tight zoning for an infill venture in a city like Toronto, rzlbd chose to hone the difficulties of “no extra space” on account of a basic manage: every last bit is a usable inch.

Tetris House 02

The house is 3000 square feet, three-story structure that has the same project as a 4000 square feet house already outlined by rzlbd, 5 rooms, 6 bathrooms, 2 laundries, babysitter room, home office, a huge living/eating range and an open kitchen, bar with a wine basement and amusement region, secured carport and obviously heaps of capacity region. Despite the fact that Tetris house is minimized in system, it figures out how to channel adequate normal light all through the whole length of the house. The light well that infiltrates from the upper floor to the cellar connecting to the lounge room with a glass-secured opening is an undetectable Tetris component that brings a vertical light component into the house.

Tetris House 03

For better effectiveness the 55 feet long divider on ground floor is loaded with a persistent inherent millwork that adjusts to the needs of the projects. It changes from the workplace racking by the passage lobby, to the kitchen/eating cupboards and the chimney in the living zone. The millwork unites the four projects as well as makes bunches of storage room and a spotless present day hope to keep away from a congested floor arrangement. The Tetris components that connect to each other make difficulties, for example, meeting suitable tallness clearances and stair arrivals to appropriately meet the floors. These issues were painstakingly managed in area by individual strides on every level comparing to the adjustment in projects to take into consideration adequate stature on the lower levels.

Tetris House 04

The outside of the house is an amazing disorder of distinctive materials and claddings that fearlessly uncover the Tetris components of the inside spaces. This strong introduction is not an endeavor at making a congruous façade, yet it is an appealing and beguiling scene as it shows the geometry of a very much played Tetris game.

Tetris House 05 Tetris House 06 Tetris House 07 Tetris House 10 Tetris House 12 Tetris House 13 Tetris House 14

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