Box House by 1:1 arquitetura:design

Box House by 1:1 arquitetura:design

Location: Brasilia, Brazil
Year: 2013
Area: 700 sqft
Photo courtesy: Cesar Edgard

Box house is a conceptual project that experiments with a new way to occupation of the space and form. It was born under the concept of pool house; which contains two bedrooms, a social bathroom, a small service area and a gourmet place. Worked less than 65 square meters (700 square feet).


The volume was created as a concrete box, with enough personality, the entries of the box are marked with a rusty steel form, inside the building we have try to use a very fun mix of textures, colors and Brazilian design furniture with the firms of Marcus Ferreira, Paulo Alves, Aristeu Pires, and another big names. The owner of the house is a young professional, single and ready to begin life with a lot of style.

Box-House-021 Box-House-031 Box-House-041 Box-House-051 Box-House-061 Box-House-071 Box-House-081 Box-House-091 Box-House-101 Box-House-111 Box-House-121 Box-House-131 Box-House-141 Box-House-151 Box-House-161 Box-House-171 Box-House-181 Box-House-191

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