Criteria That Will Help You Determine a Professional Designer

Criteria That Will Help You Determine a Professional Designer

Have you decided to renovate your apartment but don’t know how to choose a designer? What distinguishes a good specialist from an amateur? What professional qualities should a pro possess? This article will list the criteria that determine a professional designer from an amateur. So, a real pro:

1. Has experience in performing similar tasks

When choosing a designer, you will certainly have the opportunity to view a portfolio of their works. For example, if you need the best flooring for Hawaii homes, you will undeniably look for the best flooring contractor in Honolulu, offering the best flooring to install. And the experience of this company matters a lot. It should be the best in Honolulu.

If you need to decorate the entire apartment in a modern or loft style, you must choose a designer who has finished several such tasks. Try to hire a specialist with at least several pieces of work in their portfolio similar to what you want.

2. Is a specialist in a narrow niche

You might have heard somewhere that the more comprehensive the profile of the work performed, the more professional the performer is. Unfortunately, this is untrue since only AI can do several types of work at a very high level. Furthermore, designers have very little time to study when they are faced with new projects.

Suppose a designer works on projects in a specific style for several years. So, this specialist will be able to quickly guide you on the price of particular solutions and the best way to implement the field. So, a designer working in Honolulu will know the best flooring for a humid climate and recommend suitable materials. If a designer tries to work in the same style for a long time, then this specialist will be maximally qualified.

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3. Specifies problems and methods of solving them

It is not enough to simply look at the picture proposed by the designer in the portfolio. You need to find out the details and features that the designer had to work with. Nowadays, few people openly discuss the problems that arise at work and how to overcome them. The client needs to hear the designer’s step-by-step actions and the reasons behind every decision that has been taken. A true professional will never shy away from an answer but, on the contrary, will get down to work with redoubled enthusiasm.

4. Is not ashamed to admit one’s incompetence in some matter

As a rule, the one who promises to do everything without a problem gives a completely wrong result. A good designer will never take on a job in which they are poorly versed and always admits it. And this designer will also advise a specialist in the niche you need. A designer and a builder in one person is a myth, and two good craftsmen separately is a reality.

5. Is not afraid to ask questions

Here, it is crucial not to make a mistake when choosing between a person who asks questions on every occasion, not particularly delving into the task, and a genuinely thoughtful professional who, before starting work, wants to understand the customer’s wishes 100%.

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6. Accepts one’s mistakes and is ready to correct them

We are all human, and it is human nature to make mistakes. Therefore, it is not scary if the designer has made a mistake in something; it is creepy if a designer does not admit it. A real pro does not look for excuses but searches for ways to correct inaccuracies in his work.

7. Good designers might not be well advertised

In order to determine a professional designer, it is often that real pros have neither extra time nor an urgent need to promote their site. This does not mean that if a designer advertises on the Internet, this is a bad specialist, but it also does not guarantee it is a good designer. If the designer is skilful, this specialist will always be in demand, and you will have to wait for this specialist to finish the projects already in the design in order to start to renovate.

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