10 Effective Tips to Have a Spotless Living Room

10 Effective Tips to Have a Spotless Living Room

One of the most commonly used rooms in a house and one that is prone to clutter is the living room. It serves as a place to unwind after a long day and host family and friends. Therefore tidying up the living area often requires extra effort. So, to make your life easier, we’d like to share some effective tips to have a spotless living room.

We know that it can be challenging to maintain the cleanliness of living rooms, mainly if you live in a home with kids. After all, it is where the family gathers to spend quality time, which equals more mess. 

1. Make Your Living Room Clutter-Free

Follow the less is more rule for common spaces such as your living room. Plus, why burden yourself with more possessions than you need?

Decluttering is the first step in your journey to a clutter-free living room. Cleaning will be considerably simpler, and your disorganized space will appear better instantly.

You can quickly sweep your living room and put everything that doesn’t belong or that you don’t need into a clutter basket. After that, you can move this basket around your house and put each item back where it belongs. Why not establish house rules where everyone is responsibly using the standard rooms? Have them clear their mess and remove their personal belongings from the living area. It becomes a lot easier to clean and keep it tidy regularly.

Invest in lockable storage if organizing items is not your forte. Open shelving is frequently used on top of closed cabinets in media storage units. However, keep an eye out for furniture that serves two purposes: end tables with drawers or ottomans that may be used as storage.

2. Clean Windows

No matter how big the windows are in your living room, it’s essential to take advantage of them. Natural light enlarges and brightens spaces, making your living area more welcoming than it already is. In the long run, it is considerably simpler to maintain window washing.

Here’s our take on temporary measures to keep your windows clean:

● In a bucket or dishwashing bowl, combine one part hot water and one part white vinegar.

● The cleaning cloth should be rinsed in the solution and wrung out until it is moist to the touch.

● Wipe windows clean, paying close attention to the corners and any stubborn stains.

● After one minute, dry clean with a newspaper.

Also, read this article on how to remove hard water spots from windows.


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3. Get Rid of Pet Hair

If you don’t have a pet, feel free to skip this section.

But if you have dogs or cats, pay attention.

Pet hair may quickly accumulate on blankets, couches, and carpets. Your fluffy family member probably has a favorite spot, which will likely be covered in their new shed hair.

We have two excellent methods for quickly removing pet hair from the living room:

● For removing pet hair from rugs and carpets, put on a rubber glove.

● For hairy areas on sofas, use a lint roller to remove them.

4. Vacuum Cleaner

Include the sofa and other furniture when vacuuming the floor. For access to confined areas, use attachments. After cleaning your wooden floors, wipe them down with a microfiber mop. Shake out any rugs if you can.

If you’re short on time, think about buying a handheld vacuum to remove pet hair and food scraps swiftly. This is an excellent tool for mid-week clean-ups.

5. Put Your Media in Order

Organize your books, magazines, and DVDs in designated spaces. By doing this, the space will appear neater, and incorporating a habit of putting things in a dedicated space is the first step to becoming more organized. This is a life skill that helps to keep things organized around you, be it your home or your workspace.

6. Look Up

When keeping your living room tidy, it’s crucial to bear in mind vertical space. To avoid wasting any space, get storage cabinets that reach the ceiling. Visit home design blogs to see some additional well-organized interiors that make good use of vibrant colors.

7. Curtains

Please remove them and wash and dry them following the directions. Alternately, use a bristle attachment on a vacuum to remove dust or pet hair from the fabric on both sides. As pet hair and dust like to collect there, be sure to reach the folds.

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8. Keep the Coffee Table Out in the Open

Keys and unopened mail frequently find their way to flat surfaces. These things can be stored on trays with remote controls and other items that might not have a permanent home. Toys, DVDs, and other items can all be stored in baskets hidden underneath. The rest of the area will feel more ordered if the table’s top is kept tidy.

9. Avoid Pushing Furniture up Against Walls

The size of the room will determine how far you can draw your furnishings toward the walls, but even in a tiny living room, you’ll want to leave a few inches between the backs of the furniture components and the walls to give the items some breathing space. So, contrary to widespread assumption, this little tip can be a space saver and make the room look bigger than it is.

10. Proportion and Balance

It all comes down to balance. They are finding a balance while decorating between bold and subdued hues, lively patterns and simple visual textures, streamlined and organic designs, and contrasting textiles. As a result, size and dimension follow the same rule. When arranging furniture, search for spaces of various sizes and consider the size of the furniture piece. For example, two smaller pieces of furniture, such as two chairs or two side tables, can balance off a larger piece of furniture, like a sofa.

Below we are going to discuss some easy ways to give your home a Victorian-style makeover.

Light, Both Natural and Artificial

One of the most crucial aspects of any room is the lighting. Ideally, there should be plenty of natural light in every space. It will imply the interior’s hue and how the objects are perceived. Good lighting (both natural and artificial) is also necessary to pull off the useless living room plan.

For the lighting to be correctly balanced, it must be set at various levels. Use various natural light sources as a result. For example, table lamps are ideal for task lighting, sconces or floor lamps are fantastic for accent lighting, and ceiling fixtures are excellent for ambient lighting.

How Can You Clean Your Living Room the Quickest?

Your living room should receive a basic cleaning once or twice every week, just like most other rooms in your home, such as the bathroom or kitchen. However, if you have pets or active kids, you might need to clean or declutter them more frequently.

Reduce the quantity of dirt accumulation in your living room with the simplest cleaning method by:

  • Forming healthy decluttering habits such as always running the dishwasher after a meal, designating certain places to store various goods, etc.
  • Training your animals not to climb up furniture. This will prevent your furry pals from scratching the furniture and lessen the amount of pet hair you have to pick up.
  • Placing trash containers all around. The amount of abandoned food packaging, used tissues, old newspapers, and other waste in whatever room they are in is significantly reduced by trash cans, which are inexpensive and available in a vast array of sizes and colors.

Cleaning Routine for the Living Room

Consistent cleaning is the secret to having a spotless living space. Having a strict cleaning habit, preferably weekly, helps maintain your living area’s cleanliness. We advise using the easy cleaning regimen below for your cleaning requirements:

  • Daily: Every day, gather any toys, documents, or other items that have gathered throughout the day and pile them in the center of the room. Put each item in its proper place one by one.
  • Weekly: Clean the room once a week, moving from left to right and from top to bottom. You can then wipe your coffee table and other surfaces afterward. Vacuuming your furniture is an excellent idea after dusting. For example, detach and reposition the sofa cushions to promote even wear and increase their useful life.
  • Monthly: Move your furniture and vacuum underneath it once a month. If the weather permits, clean your windows (i.e., above 50 degrees). As required, you should also clean your furnishings.
  • Annually: You should regularly assess your living room and declutter as necessary. Use a ladder to clean anything challenging to reach, such as a ceiling fan. Finding a chance to clean your fireplace, if you have one, is an excellent annual task.


If you have been maintaining the habit of cleaning up every morning, this shouldn’t take very long. If you have additional time, clean the windows after you’ve dusted and vacuumed. I hope you’ll find effective tips to have a spotless living room handy mentioned above.

Thank you for reading 10 Effective Tips to Have a Spotless Living Room

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