The Best Amenities in Apartments for Sale in Dubai Marina

The Best Amenities in Apartments for Sale in Dubai Marina

When prospective tenants look for apartments for sale in Dubai Marina, they look at many different factors. Since those moving into Dubai Marina will be younger, they look for social attractions, both in and outside the apartment tower. If the apartment towers they are looking to move into are similar, they will look at amenities.

Amenities come in many forms. They can be services or exclusive access to parts of the tower. Amenities can be exclusive access to gyms or areas that guests cannot access. They are add-ons that make a resident’s stay more relaxing. These services and special privileges can make the difference when a tenant decides where they will rent.

Here are the best amenities in apartments for sale in Dubai Marina.

Exclusive Services

Exclusive services help tenants with their day-to-day life. For example, these services can assist with chores or make tenants feel safer. Most services are suitable for tenants with families, although all tenants benefit from them.

1. 24/7 Concierge Service

Concierge service in Dubai will give tenants access to many exclusive events. These include being VIPs at a concert or making travel and dinner reservations. In addition, the concierge service allows tenants to avoid the hassle of making reservations themselves. 

2. 24/7 Maintenance Service

If there is a maintenance emergency in the apartment, the 24/7 maintenance service will repair the apartment. There are many ways a 24/7 maintenance service can help, from repairing appliances to fixing burst pipes. 

3. 24/7 Security Services

24/7 security services help tenants feel safer. Security services patrol buildings, guard facilities, and more. When tenants believe they are unsafe on the apartment property, security services can escort them to their apartments. These services add personal safety to the daily lives of tenants.

4. Laundry Service

Laundry services help tenants with their daily lives. While dry cleaning is the focus of many laundry services, they will clean regular clothes. In addition, some laundry services will deliver clean clothes around the clock, while some will even clean furniture on site. 

5. Valet Service

Finally, valet services help tenants with finding a parking space. If the parking lot of their apartment building is too crowded, tenants can drop the car off at the valet service to have it parked. The service cuts down on the time tenants waste trying to park instead of enjoying their apartment in Dubai.

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Exclusive Access

Exclusive access will make your tenants feel privileged. From having swimming pools in apartment towers that only residents can access to having private entrances to the apartments of mixed-use buildings, these amenities will make your tenants feel at home and increase the length of their stay in your apartments.

1. Marina Berth

A marina berth allows tenants to park their boats in a marina and gives them access to services for boat owners, including all-day docker assistance, buggy shuttling services, and ice delivery. So when tenants berth their boats in Dubai Marina, they gain access to the best services a boat owner could have.

2. Private Movie Theatre

The private movie theatre is only for residents of apartment towers. Residents can attend a showing, reserve the theater, and more. Private movie theatres in apartment towers are like full-fledged public movie theatres, but only residents can attend. The movie theatre adds a more intimate feel to the showing.

3. Private Swimming Pool

Private swimming pools are in the apartment towers and exclusive to residents of the apartment tower. Visitors use the shared swimming pool. A private swimming pool is less crowded, a reward for renting in the apartment tower.  

4. Private Elevators

Finally, private elevators are only for residents of the tower. These elevators are usually in mixed-use buildings and separate those living in the apartment from staff, employees, and guests. The exclusive use of these elevators leads to less crowded elevators, making all residents more comfortable in their apartments.


There are different types of amenities in apartments for sale in Dubai Marina. These amenities allow exclusive access or remove the hassle from everyday life. In addition, they reward tenants for renting apartments in the apartment tower.

If these amenities sound like good ways to attract tenants to your apartments, you should buy them soon before someone else does. There is a small number of apartments available, so act now! Click here for more information about Dubai Marina off-plan projects. 

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