Wheeler Residence by WDA

Wheeler Residence by WDA

Architects: WDA
Location: Menlo Park, California, USA
Year: 2007
Area: 5,343 sqft / 496 sqm
Photo courtesy: Lucas Fladzinski & Jim Thompson (File 02) Destination Productions

Our customers came to us with a dream of a home that mlessly coordinates supportable building with cutting edge outline. We added to a venture that mixes rich, inventive structural engineering with green building methodologies to make rousing spaces deliberately made for regular living. Situated in Menlo Park, CA, the venture comprises of a 4,845 S.F. principle house with four rooms and four showers and a 498 S.F. cabana with a visitor room and full shower and also a pool.

1 WDA_Wheeler24 FladzinskiThe configuration is administered by a watchful arrangement of proportioning taking into account the Fibonacci succession that capacities to relate the parts to the entire at distinctive scales. For instance, rooms step by step increment in scale from the outskirts to the focal point of the house, coming full circle in the flung focal family room which goes about as a point of convergence. The same framework oversees the configuration of windows and implicit cabinetry inside of every room. Entryways that capacity as ‘opening dividers,’ nonstop solid floors, and custom casework pieces that characterize living spaces without completely walling them in, set up stream between diverse spaces and exercises. Moreover, the extensive corner entryway framework at the family room obscures the qualification in the middle of inside and outside. The clerestory windows above permit the roof to buoy while attracting the light and shade of the environment.

01 WDA_Wheeler27 FladzinskiAccomplishing our customer’s objective of a genuinely incorporated configuration required that each component of the task to assume a double part – both as an important piece of the building outline and a segment of an earth cognizant technique – to the point that these parts got to be vague. For instance, the end of inside parcels and the utilization of custom cabinetry to characterize utilitarian zones takes into account enhanced normal daylighting of inside spaces, and regular ventilation of the structure. We additionally looked to material particular as a chance to accomplish both economy and excellence.

02 WDA_ Wheeler frontentry garage ThompsonBlade handle tar boards, COR-TEN steel and recolored fly-slag cement build up a sensational palette of shading and composition that praises the characteristic characteristics of the materials, while in the meantime minimizing the requirement for support and repairs. Three various types of sun based boards lessen interest for fossil powers, and the PV boards are arranged “level” to the rooftop fortifying the drifting plane over the focal volume. Effective hydronic floor warming expands solace while wiping out mechanical gear and disentangling the outline of inside spaces.

Wheeler Residence Menlo Park, CA

The site, the current structure, and the utilization of material and vitality all assumed critical parts in the last’s improvement plan. The first’s majority house was either rescued utilizing Whole House Demolition, or reused, as on account of the current establishment. Sunlight based boiling point water and photovoltaic power significantly diminish vitality use, while aloof methodologies, for example, utilizing the focal tower clerestory windows to ventilate the home, take out the requirement for mechanical cooling. The subsequent task surpasses the necessities of 2005 Title 24 vitality benchmarks by 38%.

Wheeler Residence - Menlo Park, CA

Seen all in all, the spatial and material components of the building set up coherence while holding warmth – the house is both broad and personal, an accumulation of richly planned spaces intended to be delight

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