T House by Agraz Arquitectos

T House by Agraz Arquitectos

Architects: Agraz Arquitectos
Location: Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico
Year: 2003
Area: 732 sqft / 68 sqm
Photo courtesy: Mito Covarrubias

Over a triad of dividers which acclimate it’s engineering arrangement, and accomplishing an effortless geometry of three components, the [ T ] House lives up to expectations and works productively with stylish ideas as its spatial power.

T House (1)

With a basic bundle program in every one of it’s floors, the [ T ] House raises from a rectangular plan. While bundles on the first floor contain the administrations (kitchen, clothing, yard and administration) and social exercises (passageway corridor, parlor, lounge area and restroom), the twofold segment on the second floor, encases generally private ranges (rooms, TV room and bathrooms).

T House (2)

Taking into account the three dividers that hold inside of the portrayed bundles, the [ T ] House reacts to a construction modeling that mirrors the straightforward. Subdivisions are substantially more than unobtrusive, if not inexistent.The primary objective of [ T ] House is to fulfill the contemporary lifestyle situation asked for by a devoted adherent of outline customer.

T House (3)

This is the motivation behind why the site arrangement is produced from this focal thought. Spaces, material, and even points of interest, were painstakingly arranged around this worldwide idea, uncovering it effectively as it can be. Case in point, the marble must be obscure for this house, and the shower extras must be chosen from top fashioners.

T House (4)

Because of the beneficial interaction in the middle of construction modeling and thought, each and every subtle element went through a careful choice procedure of its material and completing, and the outcome wound up more than veritable: three parallel dividers confronting a foundation where outskirts destroy themselves, turning out to be light channels from the greenhouses to the insides.

T House (5)

The [ T ] House is, itself, an arrangement of transparent skins that move life pictures and convey the misty states of any material to straightforwardness in a constant development.

T House (6) T House (7) T House (8) T House (9) T House (10) T House (11) T House (12) T House (13) T House (14) T House (15) T House (16) T House (17) T House (18) T House (19) T House (20) T House (21) T House (22) T House (23) T House (24)

T House (25)

Back Facade First Floor Plan Gound Plan Main Facade Roof Plan Section A-A' Section B - B' Side Facade

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