The Breeze house by Blu Homes

The Breeze house by Blu Homes

Architects: Blu Homes
Location: Sonoma Wine Country, Healdsburg, California, USA
Year: 2012
Photos: Blu Homes

The notable configuration of the Breeze house offers a rich and amicable association between lovely indoor living and the normal world.


A group of driving planners has consolidated warm eco-accommodating materials, clean lines, high roofs, and astute stockpiling frameworks to make a delightful, extensive indoor environment.

Breezehouse-02 Breezehouse-03 Breezehouse-04 Breezehouse-05 Breezehouse-06 Breezehouse-07 Breezehouse-08 Breezehouse-09 Breezehouse-10 Breezehouse-11 Breezehouse-12 Breezehouse-21

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