Midvale Courtyard House by Bruns Architecture

Midvale Courtyard House by Bruns Architecture

Location: Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Area: 840 sqft
Photo courtesy: Tricia Shay Photography

Balancing the introverted nature of a courtyard with the bold personality of an extrovert all while managing matters of privacy, this renovation builds on its solid mid-century roots.


The renovation and addition of Midvale Courtyard House adds a proper entry, elevated master suite, and covered parking, but also pierces and stretches the solid forms to create connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Midvale-Courtyard-House-02 Midvale-Courtyard-House-03 Midvale-Courtyard-House-04 Midvale-Courtyard-House-05 Midvale-Courtyard-House-06 Midvale-Courtyard-House-07 Midvale-Courtyard-House-08 Midvale-Courtyard-House-09 Midvale-Courtyard-House-10 Midvale-Courtyard-House-11 Midvale-Courtyard-House-12 Midvale-Courtyard-House-13 Midvale-Courtyard-House-14 Midvale-Courtyard-House-15 Midvale-Courtyard-House-16

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