Ready-Made or Made-to-Measure Blinds: Which are Best for your Home?


Ready-Made or Made-to-Measure Blinds: Which are Best for your Home?


Are you updating your interiors? If you’re focusing on your window dressings, you’ll have a lot to consider, from what will be suitable for the room you’re decorating and accounting for the changing seasons to what your budget will stretch to.

If you have your heart set on adding blinds to your windows, one key decision to make is between made-to-measure or ready-made blinds. When you know which is better for you, you’ll be able to decide the rest of the factors, such as colour and material. To help you decide, here’s a look at what both options have to offer.


Wallet-friendly option

As with many decisions when it comes to refreshing your home, the budget is an important consideration. One of the plus-points when choosing ready-made blinds is that they are made in bulk in a selection of set measurements, so they are more affordable for those working with a strict budget. This especially useful if you have conventional window measurements.

However, while made-to-measure blinds can be slightly more expensive than their ready-made counterparts, they can be considered a positive investment for the home, especially as you’re getting an exact match to your window’s measurements. This means you’re less likely to need to pay out twice when you swap out your ready-made blinds for ones that are a truer fit to your window.


The perfect match

As well as being designed to be an exact match to your window, made-to-measure blinds also come in a wider selection of colours and styles than ready-made blinds. This is because they are being made up exclusively to your specifications. Therefore, if you just need straightforward blinds to control the light, ready-made could be the best route to take.

But if you’re seeking window dressings with coatings or performance features, made-to-measure is for you. For example, if you’re looking for blinds that can help your allergies, made-to-measure blinds manufacturers, Swift Direct Blinds, has a Pollergen range that is designed to help reduce the impact of allergies in the home. This isn’t something you’re likely to come across with ready-made options.


Quick revamp

Ready-made blinds are ideal if you need to update your windows quickly. You can take the blinds home and fit them the same day, making them ideal for instances where a window dressing is needed urgently.

However, if you’re willing to wait, it’s possible to get your bespoke blinds the next day in some cases. There are made-to-measure blinds manufacturers that can have your tailor-made creations with you within 24 hours.


The choice is yours

Ultimately, the choice you make will depend on your own personal preference. Whatever blinds you choose, you’re sure to find the ones that work for your home décor project.

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