Luxury Chameleon Villa in Majorca, Spain

Luxury Chameleon Villa in Majorca, Spain

Location: Son Vida, Majorca, Spain
Area: 2,152 sqft sqft
Photo courtesy: Benjamin Antony Monn

A unique architecture and design offered by the Chameleon villa in the exclusive area of Son Vida, with breathtaking views to the sea, the city and the harbor of Palma.


The Chameleon house attracts through its exceptional light effects, which accomplish a true miracle of light; finest crystal on which surface has been installed a special LED technology, can be programmed in its colors corresponding to your wish.


The villa consists of three buildings. The main house is divided into three floors with living room, library, TV room, bedroom suites, kitchen and wine cellar. The second building offers the pool, wellness and fitness area. The third building is used as the guest house with 200 m2 (2,152 ft2) of living space.


Villa-Chameleon-03 Villa-Chameleon-04 Villa-Chameleon-05 Villa-Chameleon-06 Villa-Chameleon-07 Villa-Chameleon-08 Villa-Chameleon-09 Villa-Chameleon-10 Villa-Chameleon-11 Villa-Chameleon-12 Villa-Chameleon-13 Villa-Chameleon-14 Villa-Chameleon-15 Villa-Chameleon-16 Villa-Chameleon-17 Villa-Chameleon-18 Villa-Chameleon-19 Villa-Chameleon-20 Villa-Chameleon-21 Villa-Chameleon-22 Villa-Chameleon-23 Villa-Chameleon-24 Villa-Chameleon-25 Villa-Chameleon-26 Villa-Chameleon-27 Villa-Chameleon-28 Villa-Chameleon-29 Villa-Chameleon-30 Villa-Chameleon-31 Villa-Chameleon-32 Villa-Chameleon-33

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