Dream home by KplusK Architects & collaborators

Dream home by KplusK Architects

Architects: KplusK Architects
Collaborators: Deborah Oppenheimer Interior Design, Denniston International Architects & Planners
Area: 21,500 square feet
Total Land: 48,500 square feet of built-up area, including outdoor terracing.
Price: $18,5 million
Photos: courtesy of Sotheby’s Realty Phuket

Villa-Phuket-03 Villa-Phuket-04 Villa-Phuket-05 Villa-Phuket-06 Villa-Phuket-08 Villa-Phuket-09-1 Villa-Phuket-09 Villa-Phuket-10 Villa-Phuket-11 Villa-Phuket-12 Villa-Phuket-13 Villa-Phuket-14 Villa-Phuket-15 Villa-Phuket-17 Villa-Phuket-18 Villa-Phuket-19 Villa-Phuket-20 Villa-Phuket-23

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