44 Belvedere Residence by Guido Constantino

44 Belvedere Residence by Guido Constantino

Architects: Guido Constantino
Location: Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Area: 10,000 square foot
Price: $5,28 million
Photos: Peter Sellar

This shocking and exceptional 2-story dark current living arrangement on a 100 x 224 foot private lush parcel is found steps far from the lake and inside of strolling separation to the Marina.


It gloats around 10,000 sq/ft of useful living space with configuration at the front line. The floor to roof glass gives far reaching perspectives onto the patio desert spring and permits light to surge into the space.


Intended for an effective individual or family, this contemporary home offers something for everybody and each event. It is really a performers dream and a private escape.


The roomy lawn offers various alternatives for unwinding and pleasure. Whether it’s facilitating a supper gathering beside the smooth solid pool and Miami style cabana or you are splashing up the sun on the intriguing 1,400 sq/ft Brazilian wood deck.


Manufactured for the wellbeing cognizant personality a primary concern, the expert evaluation exercise center games a free weight and cardio region with various media zones. After you empower yourself with a work out appreciate the incorporated spa with both dry sauna and steam shower – which highlights 18″ downpour head and body planes.


Appreciate some quality down time and escape to a true to life experience like no other. The three level silver screen highlights double LCD advanced motion picture blurbs as you stroll through the terrific passage. Make the most of your most loved motion pictures, TV appears or wearing occasions on the gigantic 133″ anamorphic screen with the best in class 9.1THX roused Digital Surround Sound framework.


The completely coordinated “Control 4” home mechanization framework gives the solaces and accommodation of permitting you to program and control the lighting and HVAC to your needs and way of life. Additionally, the completely incorporated and observed security frameworks will give you finish true serenity realizing that your belonging and friends and family are ensured. The green amicable framework can helpfully be gotten to remotely by means of iPhone, iPad or advanced mobile phone to completely control from anyplace on the planet.


Guests have depicted the property as astounding, dazzling and stunning. Everything from the configuration of the coordinated cabana to the consideration of a “mystery entry” has been keenly joined. The experience begins at the discrete front entryway, on the off chance that you can discover it.

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