The Banyan Treehouse by Rockefeller Partners Architects

The Banyan Treehouse by Rockefeller Partners Architects

Architects: Rockefeller Partners Architects
Location: Nichols Canyon, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
Year: 2012
Area: 172 square foot
Photos: Eric Staudenmaier

Situated on a high eastern-confronting edge with perspectives downtown Los Angeles out yonder, the Banyan Treehouse is a minute workmanship studio and haven with a unique taste of what appears like a wood house plan.

The-Banyan-Treehouse-01Rockefeller Partners was initially dispatched by this customer to outline a house that was eventually never figured it out. Cooperating at the end of the day on this venture, designer and customer had the capacity return to a percentage of the inside and outside configuration components that they had initially investigated in an alternate setting, for example, the striking butterfly roofline.


Roosted on steel arches that dynamically imitate regular branches, the task is not truly a tree house but instead an advanced understanding of one. The outline pays a definitive appreciation to the prior tree, actually forming itself around the shapes of the storage compartment. Inside, a solitary glass cut out in the floor reconnects the tree house tenant to the tree itself, a conscious and unobtrusive gesture to Mother Nature.


Each surface of the tree house is named with wood, making an unparalleled level of warmth. The outside is clad with high-review cedar while the underside of the overhang and the structure itself are clad with rich palope. Inside, the walnut floors are supplemented by walnut framed dividers.


Serving both as a studio and as visitor settlement, the tree house is totally independent with a water storage room, chimney, icebox, daybed, and TV. Outside, a brisk stroll down the stairs prompts an ensured and private open air shower.

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