Villa Kishti by Frank Alfred Hamilton and Cecconi Simone Inc.

Villa Kishti by Frank Alfred Hamilton and Cecconi Simone Inc.

Architects: Frank Alfred Hamilton and Cecconi Simone Inc.
Location: Anguilla, British West Indies
Photos: Joy von Tiedemann Photography

Manor Kishti is a thoughtful, Balinese-motivated private retreat in Anguilla, British West Indies. The living arrangement challenges conventional ideas of haven and nature as discrete areas, with inside and outside obscured in a mless exchange of inside outline, construction modeling and scene plan.

Villa-Kishti-01Manor Kishti’s tripartite configuration is made out of a focal center, expert suite and three independent estates, masterminded in fan-like arrangement. The focal center point contains the vital social affair spaces of the living arrangement – the living-feasting territory and kitchen – which stream into one another in a brought together palette of normal materials, tones and surfaces.


Spaces are uncluttered and precisely adjusted to improve site lines. The living-eating range is nitty gritty with custom furniture and altered adornments while the kitchen is fitted with custom millwork and incorporated Corian counters and backsplash.


The expert suite, got to inside from the living-feasting territory, contains a rest region, lounge with open air porch and ensuite with indoor and outside showers. The suite is designated with custom millwork, custom decorations and inconspicuous Balinese intonations.


Over the focal center point from the expert suite, each of the three independent estates envelops a parlor range with open air deck, kitchenette, powder room and main room with ensuite. Custom decorations, custom millwork, completions and adornments orchestrate with the stifled, contemporary, Balinese-affected articulation of whatever remains of the habitat.

Villa-Kishti-05 Villa-Kishti-06 Villa-Kishti-07 Villa-Kishti-08 Villa-Kishti-09 Villa-Kishti-10 Villa-Kishti-11 Villa-Kishti-12 Villa-Kishti-13 Villa-Kishti-14 Villa-Kishti-15 Villa-Kishti-16 Villa-Kishti-17 Villa-Kishti-18 Villa-Kishti-19

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