Casa eR2 by em-estudio

Casa eR2 by em-estudio

Architects: em-estudio
Location: Zapopan, Jalisco, México
Year: 2011
Area: 4,962 sqft / 461 sqm
Photo courtesy: Ivan Esqueda

The venture developed with exploiting the perspectives from the living arrangement to the eucalyptus woodland that is found contiguous the plot. Three slim solid chunks offer shape to the rectangular volume that is the beginning stage of the proposition. The house sits mid-level over the ground to make the carport’s space and have a superior perspective of the treetops.

Casa eR2_01

A segment is extricated from the house’s volume to make a focal porch where a current Eucalyptus is safeguarded; and the separated volume produces a body as an afterthought to make the fundamental passage of the residence.The lower piece of the volume, where people in general territories of the house are, has a glass skin to have better perspectives of the patio and outwardly extend the space towards the woodland. In the top floor the principle façades have a wooden cross section to channel the light and shield the rooms from daylight without losing the perspective.

Casa eR2_02

An inside yard with a wellspring serves as a transitional space between the kitchen and the TV room, and to make a visual association with the focal porch and the abutting woodland

Casa eR2_02a Casa eR2_03 Casa eR2_03a Casa eR2_04 Casa eR2_05 Casa eR2_05a Casa eR2_06 Casa eR2_07 Casa eR2_08 Casa eR2_08a Casa eR2_09 Casa eR2_10 Casa eR2_11 Casa eR2_12 Casa eR2_13 Casa eR2_14 Casa eR2_15 Casa eR2_16 Casa eR2_17

Casa eR2_alzado este Casa eR2_alzado oeste Casa eR2_alzado sur Casa eR2_planta alta Casa eR2_planta baja Casa eR2_planta sotano Casa eR2_seccion a Casa eR2_seccion c Casa eR2_seccion d

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